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Can’t make it out to Pier 45 for a visit to the USS Pampanito? Check out our excellent Virtual Tour and audio guide, available to download so you may virtually tour the USS Pampanito. While you’re at it, listen to our excellent audio guide from the comfort of your own couch! Check out the links below for instructions on downloading the Audio Tour and accessing the Virtual Tour.


Audio TourVirtual Tour


For students and anyone interested in sharpening their maritime literacy can access the free educational documents that can be completed along the virtual & audio tour.

Jr. Submariner Qualification Activities: 

Experience the submarine in a whole new light as the Junior Qualification Booklet and Mini Booklet guides you through the history of the USS Pampanito and her crew. Explore each room of the World War II submarine and learn how she operated through a series of activities ranging from scavenger hunts, word association, multiple choice, crosswords and critical thinking questions.


Junior Qualification BookletMini Jr. Qualification Booklet

Mini Booklet Instructions

(courtesy of the © Exploratorium:

  • Estimated time: 40 minutes
  • Meets CA State History and Social Studies Content Standards: Yes (K – 8th)


CA State Standards-Based Worksheets:

These grade specific worksheets are designed to help students gain a better knowledge of the USS Pampanito, her crew, and what life was like while serving onboard during World War II.

  • Estimated Time: 60 minutes (with audio tour)
  • Meets CA State History, Social Studies, and Critical Thinking content Standards: Yes (1st – 10th)


Grade 1-2  Grade 3-5

Grade 6-8  Grade 9-10

SONAR (SOund Navigation And Ranging) is a key technology for submarines in navigation and detecting .  Active SONAR was used to “ping” the bottom of the sea floor to determine depth in shallow areas, while Passive SONAR is simply listening to the area surrounding the submarine using specialized underwater microphones.  SONAR operators aboard the USS Pampanito spent hours listening to the waters around the Pampanito listening to natural or man-made sounds.  Check out a sample of underwater sounds and a link to our full library of historical SONAR recordings.


Full SONAR Library

Submarine Dive

Trim Pump

Submarine Battery Charging

Submarine Propeller

Torpedo Launch

“Boing” Source Unknown

Underwater Iceflow

Croaker Fish

Drum Fish

Underwater Earthquake

Grey Whale

“Woof woof” Origin Unknown

Ballast Tank Bleed

Bottle Nose Dolphin

On USS Pampanito’s third war patrol, the crew earned distinction by rescuing 73 Allied Prisoners of War that survived the sinking of their prison ship bound for Imperial Japan. Pampanito crew worked through the day to take onboard the Australian & British survivors, crowding the already cramped confines of the submarine with 80 submariners already onboard. Check out the full story below and three color videos filmed by a Pampanito crew member 16mm camera.

USS Pampanito Third War Patrol

Submarine Warfare of World War II

Living Underwater

US Submarines in the Pacific


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