Adult Team Building



The unique resources here at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park offer a world class venue for adult team building. The ships and the waterfront setting pull us back in time to the Age of Sail, when San Francisco was known as the Barbary Coast, and our team of facilitators pull you right into the adventure! Join us for a day here in the Park and get a behind-the-scenes experience including access to the ships and small boats, fun and engaging team building activities, and sweeping views of all of San Francisco’s classic sights including Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, and more.

This special slice of San Francisco’s rich maritime history offers some of the most effective hands-on team building activities imaginable. The challenges are real and our expert facilitators are well versed in training groups to be successful both for their day here on the pier and into the future as a high functioning team. Row our 24’ longboat out on the bay, assemble a traditional bosun’s chair and then raise each other up into the ship’s rigging, move cargo onto and off of the ships using ropes and mechanical advantage, and so much more. Each program is carefully tailored to meet the needs, goals, and expectations of the group. From in-character living history adventures to focused team building problem solving activities, we are ready to build your program for you!



Examples of Team Building Activities


Maintaining the elaborate rigging on a Tall Ship is difficult work. Bosun chairs were used to raise sailors aloft so they could tar the rigging or fix the masts and yards as needed. As a group, you must construct the bosun chair rig using ship lines, blocks, tackles, and harnesses. You must then manage and handle lines and raise aloft at least three members of the team to the yardarm. This task simply can NOT be accomplished without all of the members of the team working together, communicating clearly, and problem solving as a group. Good luck!

Cast off for an exhilarating row in a traditional longboat and a “Behind the Scenes” tour of the Historic Ships of the National Park. If you’re capable, head out into the open bay for astonishing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the San Francisco Waterfront. Successfully rowing a traditional longboat such as ours is not about strength or speed of any one individual; it requires finesse, communication, and collaboration between the whole team. Try your hand at giving commands as coxswain and see why a crew must row together as one!


As a deckhand on a Tall Ship you must be masters of line management and moving heavy loads using elaborate block and tackle systems. Your group will start by lowering a dory from davits down into the bay and then bringing it back up to the pier. Your team must be able to listen and coordinate between lines to make sure the boat is not dropped and keeps an even keel. This task would have been essential for a sailing crew to master. In case of a sinking ship, the Captain’s family would have been the first to be lowered on the boat to safety, so one slight tip of the boat may cost your group to fail the Captain’s inspection!

These ships existed for one purpose: to move cargo around the world. As such, cargo was king! Your team will work together to lift barrels from the dock to the ship using a complex system of blocks and lines known as the cargo rig. You’ll have to work together across multiple lines and dimensions in order to operate this elegant and powerful system. Don’t drop it, or you’ll be in-dept to the Captain, adding years to your service aboard the ship!


Details and Booking

Timing: 3-5 hours, fully customized.

Cost: $200 per person, minimum of 10 people. 

Contact Laura DeFelice  at or 415-561-6662 for more information or to book today!