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Our Age of Sail program is currently on hiatus. We hope to restart it again in the near future. In the meantime, check out these videos of Age of Sail programs past, made by the schools that attended. They’re a lot of fun!


2011: Buckeye

2018: Dentry Homeschool


2019: Hoover Elementary


2016: Calvary Christian Academy


2016: Reedemer School


2019: Elkhorn School

Below are some videos we use to train our instructor team–the Captains, 1st mates, 2nd mates, Doctors, Merchants, and Gold Miners who make the magic happen. They’re pretty entertaining–enjoy this “behind the scenes” look at Age of Sail!

Cargo Rig- Barrel Hitch with Cockney


Mousing a hook with Mr. Perry


1st Mate, Mr. Foster Busts 2nd Mate, Mr. Perry


The tables have turned! 1st Mate, Mr. Perry busts 2nd Mate, Mr. Foster


Meet Dr. Wilhelm


Dogwatch with the Captain: Story of the Essex Whaling Ship


Gold Mining with Mr. London
Part 1

Part 2


Just for fun! 2018 Maritime Summer Camp Director Gab Gab


Voyage of the Peking–AMAZING square rigger sailing footage from 1929


A Trip Down Market St., San Francisco, Before the 1906 Earthquake & Fire (Sound effects added):


A trip down Market St. before the 1906 earthquake and fire (From the Library of Congress):


Footage of a modern ship ’rounding Cape Horn in 50 KNOTS OF WIND!!!!



Footage of a small boat sailing Drake’s Passage, near Cape Horn


Modern square rigged ship sailing Drake’s Passage, SWALLOWED BY MASSIVE WAVES!!


The Spanish Flu Pandemic and Alaska Packers Association 1918-1919

“The first wave of the flu swept up the Southeast Panhandle in the fall of 1918 but especially wreaked havoc when it invaded the Seward Peninsula. But there it stopped as winter came. A warning about the flu and instructions for implementing a quarantine for Bristol Bay were delivered to Dr. Linus H. French at the government hospital in Dillingham by a messenger on a dog team sent by Gov. Thomas Riggs in December of 1918. French complied and felt confident the quarantine and the isolation of the region would protect Bristol Bay while the flu died out elsewhere. But, to be cautious, he recommended in a letter to the governor that all the cannery ships returning in the spring be inspected for the flu before they were allowed to discharge crews.” Read More

How to Tie a Bowline and Square Knot

How to tie a bowline:


How to tie a square knot:


How to tie a clove hitch:


How to gasket coil a line:


How to tie a Figure 8:


How to tie a Lark’s Head:

Interactive Website from the USS Constitution Museum

A great resource for experiencing life on a ship!

Play the Sail to Victory game, Explore Old Ironsides, Meet your Shipmates and more!

Start your voyage here: A Sailor’s Life for Me


Virtual Tour of Balclutha from the SF Maritime National Historic Park Rangers



Statewide Gold Rush Curriculum from the Oakland Museum of California

Welcome to the Gold Rush! online curriculum, Myth & Reality: The California Gold Rush and Its Legacy. These materials for grades 4,5,8 and 11 were developed to provide students and teachers an opportunity for historical inquiry through primary source visuals and documents. Excerpts and an order form are provided. Follow This Link to the Oakland Museum Website


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