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USS Pampanito Missing Valves and Handles

Shear valve BuShips drawing SS-S6700-468701 (1)
Bronze valve for head aft torpedo room, V.2, 2" Plug Flanged Valve, W.C. Discharge, Lub type, 200# water pressure, H.P. Flanges. Bronze
Bronze flanges, piping, T for sea water flush aft torpedo room head. We need to measure this out.
Instruction plate for expulsion head aft.
There are parts missing from the head fwd that need to be measured out as well.
Locknuts for small HP air manifoldsLocknuts for small manifolds. 1 3/4" diameter on the thread. (4)
Hydraulic spool valveHydraulic spool valve used on torpedo tube (2)
Hydraulic Spool ValveHydraulic spool valve used on periscope hoist in conning tower (2)
Hydraulic bleeder valvesHydraulic bleeder valves (10)
We also need about 75 of just the stem and handles.


Removable T-wrenches - 1/2 " square stem for torpedo impulse flasks & others (6)
Torpedo Door HandleTorpedo Door Handle. This is about one foot tall. (3)
Handles for High Pressure Air ManifoldHandles for High Pressure Air Manifold (10)
Crew's Mess and Galley Sink HandlesCrew's Mess and Galley Sink Handles, hot and cold 2.75" across the span of the handle fits on a 15/32", 12 notch valve stem. (2 of each)
compressed air valvesWe are looking for the T-handles that are used to manipulate compressed air valves like the one shown above. The handles fit into the 3/16" square ends of the valve stems. (6)
Removable T-wrenches - 3/4" square stem for hydraulic valves, note OD is max 1 3/4" (6)
Removable T-wrenches - 7/8" hex head handles for hydraulic valves (6)
Latch for long exhaust valve handle.Latch for long exhaust valve handle. This is about 8" long. (2)
Main Motor Cooling S.W. Suction handle.Handle: Main Motor Cooling S.W. Suction, 10" radius, 5/8" square head. An unlabeled handle of this type would be fine. (2)
Small handle.Small handle for compressor.Handles: 2 1/2", 1/4" stem. (10 open style, 4 closed)
Small handle. Handle for torpedo firing control panel. (4)
Speed setting handle for torpedo tube. Handle for speed setting on torpedo tube. (4)
Firing air valve handle for torpedo tube. Firing air valve handle for torpedo tube. (4)
Vent valve connecting link.Torpedo tube vent valve connecting link. (1)
Locker LatchLocker Latch Rear Locker Latch. (15)


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