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Pampanito Wish List
Misc. Electrical Items

Switch and receptacle boxes (10), switches for these. (15)
Small junction boxes. (10)
Plug for pump Plug for pump 2nd viewLarge size, 3 wire plug for submersible pump.
Microphones for 1MCMicrophones for 1MC
Emergency lightCylindrical clear emergency light lenses. 9-S-4848-L, 4 1/4" tall, 4"outside diameter, 1/8" glass (15)
Water tight light fixture.Light fixture with switch. Mostly we need the socket lampholder with with switch located inside (Bryant BECO F-8428). These are also called cleat socket lampholders with front wire screw terminals. Note that these have a different mounting screw width than the standard lampholder sockets without the switch. (20)

We need the 4 inch clear or frosted globes that fit the fixture above. (15)

Light missing coverCover plate for light fixture. Screws are 2 3/4" apart, largest diameter is about 4". Note this is the type that the shades screw into. (4)
switch box photoType X1-S 25A, 125VDC, two poles, double throw, 4 positions (on1, on2, on1, on2), base-mounted, side-connected, shaft designed for handle (long), rotary switch. Box has 4 studs, 3 3/16" apart horz, 1 1/2 vert. Box is about 3 1/8" deep. Oval flush handle. Note handle and switch inside are missing in this photo. (4)

Oval flush handles with arrow for this size switch. (4)

photo of switch box.125VDC, 10 amp, rotary switch. Type SS-2, 9-5-5191-L ARK-LES. two poles, double throw, 4 positions (1on, off, 2on, off), base-mounted, side-connected, shaft designed for handle (1 1/8" x 3/16"). Mounting studs are 1 7/8" apart. (12 switches, 4 boxes, 4 water-tight shaft flanges)
photo of missing switchesPicture of the switch that goes in the box above, type SS-2, 9-5-5191-L ARK-LES. (12)
photo of damaged rheostatUsed in conning tower 120 VDC as dimmer. 200 ohms, 1 amp, about 4" across, front (panel) mounted with 3 screws 1 3/4" radius, 120 degrees apart. (2)
small dimmer controlSmall lighting 120 VDC dimmer. rheostat used in several places. Box is 4 inches across. (4)
photo of knobKnob used in several places including the conning tower and maneuvering room. It is 1 1/2" across at the base. 1/4" round stem. (12)
photo of knobsKnobs used on 110 VAC motor generator controls and battery chargers. The smaller fine adjustment is 2" across and larger course adjustment is 4" across. These were used on many Westinghouse controls. (6 of each size)
photo of cooling water alarm panel Spare parts for engine cooling water alarms. (1 set)
photo of missing prismsPrism Lens for Hull Opening and Ballast Tank Indicators (christmas tree), approximately 1.5" x .5" x. 5", red and green. (10 each)
photo of water resistant switch Fused Disconnect (fused switch), approximately 8" x 12"
Switch 100 Amp, D.P. S.T. Fused, Wurdack PNY PL 31667.
We would like to get spares of several sizes of this style switch.
We are also looking for extra handle parts for this type of switch.
photo of open bow dive plane indicator sensor Cover for the auxiliary bow dive plane indicator sensor. 9 1/4" x 4 1/8". (1)
missing plug Plug for individual battery cell test set, we need two of these.


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