Parts and Tools for Bofors 40mm gun M1, Carriage M3

We have a mix of real and replica sights on our guns, but not the style of sights shown in this 1945 Pampanito photo. We need two sets, one for each gun. Or at least the opportunity to document a real set.
photos of sights
Are the sights in this photo from the web the same as the photo from WW II above?

photos from ft macarthur
Three of the four at another museum.

bofors handle
x4 Hand operating crank, handle. We are creating replicas, but we would like at least one real example.

rear shield assembly
Sheet metal over the back type rear shield above, or cast insert style below
insert style rear shield insert style rear shield
Rear shield assembly, C95025. Or at least the opportunity to document a real one. Note there are two types that were used, ideally we would have one of each.

rod spring
x1 Rod spring, B198369. Just the spring, not the case.

seat adjustment and handle
x3 Seat Adjustment Screw and Handle

x2 Army Style Seats, we recovered the seat post and adjustment pieces. The gun currently has Navy style seats with adapter shims on the posts.

bottom cover
x1 Bottom cover, or even just the handle and lever underneath.

Barrel Carrier
x1 Barrel Carrier. 41-C-430, or 41-C-435

recoil spring compressor
Recoil spring compressor. 41-c-467-75, 41-C-2555-800

A set of equilibrator spring compressor tools of any style would be better than our improvised set.

A set of foot rests (four pieces).

It would really help if we could find parts drawings for the Army M3 mount.


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