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Along HMB-1's wing walls can be seen fenders used to protect Sea Shadow during entrance into HMB-1. Aft can be seen the roll up door that protected her from curious eyes.

Docking was pretty tricky, no lines were used until inside HMB-1, and tugs could not help because of the underwater shape of lower hulls would have required submarine fendering. Once inside, crew on top of Sea Shadow received lines from the HMB-1 crew. Although no serious damage occurred, at least once the crew missed the lines and the pilot had to reverse the props damaging the nose of the SS as well as one of the props. There were 3 pilots, all must have been very good.

Sea Shadow and HMB-1 photo taken from outside HMB-1
HMB-1 ballasted down. It is a tight fit.

Sea Shadow entering HMB-1 photo taken from inside HMB-1
Sea Shadow entering HMB-1

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