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Radio room contains the main radio console, but also emergency lifeboat style transceiver (the yellow box), weather fax and battery chargers for the emergency power. Also note the pneumatic tube station, it is an example of the deluxe design of the NSS Savannah.

The main radio console is from ITT Mackay Marine. It is typical of merchant ships of the 1960s and everything in it was required as part of the SOLAS mandatory installation for communication with other ships and coast stations. It operates with Morse code (dits and dots) only, there is no voice communications. Remember, this was in use before satellite communications was available.

On the left on top is the main high frequency transmitter and its associated receiver below it (that receiver is one of the finest ever made and they are very desirable even today). Between the main medium frequency and emergency medium frequency transmitters is an auto-alarm which detected distress signals when the operator was not on watch. The next unit to the right on top is the medium frequency transmitter which would have been used to send an SOS if necessary (and runs on batteries). The receiver below them is the low and medium frequency receiver which also could be battery powered in an emergency.

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