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Savannah had five missions:

(1) To demonstrate to the world the employment of nuclear power in an instrument of peace for the benefit of mankind,

(2) To bring the power of the atom into the market places of the world in peaceful trade and commerce,

(3) To enlighten the public to the fact that nuclear-powered ships are entirely dependable and safe,

(4) To stimulate early solutions to such problems as international liability and indemnification, and, win for nuclear ships, acceptance in the world's ports,

(5) To give the Maritime Administration and the Atomic Energy Commission the opportunity for prudently assessing the possible contributions of atomic power to the progress of the American Merchant Marine in providing shipping services on routes essential for maintaining the flow of the foreign commerce of the United States.

To achieve this she was built as a cargo ship, passenger ship, and roving ambassador for the Atoms for Peace program. To support the last two, she contains larger and more luxurious public spaces than might be expected. This reception area outside the purser's office provided a first, and dramatic impression that Savannah was not an ordinary ship.

A port visit by Savannah was quite an event. She hosted over 1.3 million visitors during her short life.

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