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In order to insure that construction of the SAVANNAH would proceed on an orderly basis, it was necessary to schedule the procurement of all material months ahead of the actual requirement date. Schedules were developed for the procurement of steel, equipment and miscellaneous materials. The schedules showed the required date when material should be available in the Camden, New Jersey, shipyard of the New York Shipbuilding Corporation, or at the Babcock and Wilcox Company's plants where the nuclear reactor is being fabricated, and the manufacturing lead-time for the material.

Based on the schedule, requisitions were prepared by the engineering departments of the prime contractors and materials purchased on a competitive basis. In the case of steel, orders were placed with the steel mills at the earliest possible date. As the design progressed, it many times became necessary to modify orders based on structural changes of the SAVANNAH. The steel was ordered based on sub-assembly sequence and when the steel was received in the shipyard it was fabricated and assembled in sub-assembly sequence so that a definite erection sequence could be maintained.

In the case of machinery components, requisitions were placed after they were developed from the contract specifications and approved by the Government agency responsible for the administration


of the prime contract involved. Competitive prices were received and contracts awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. Upon awarding of a contract, the vendor developed his design and submitted plans covering his recommended design. These plans were approved by the Atomic Energy Commission, the Maritime Administration, U. S. Coast Guard, American Bureau of Shipping and other regulatory bodies according to the nature of the equipment involved. After approval of the vendor's plans construction of the units was authorized. When a delivery of major equipment was missed, it became necessary for the construction departments to re-arrange their method of installation.

Miscellaneous materials were also procured an the basis of scheduling and handled in the same manner as the large equipment except that no vendors' plans were required and material could be manufactured by the vendor as soon as a Purchase Order was received.

The list of major vendors is as follows:


Allis Chalmers Mfg. Co.
864 s. Toth St.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Pumps, fire and bilge Transformers
American Engineering
Armingo and Serpviva Sts.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Steering Gear
Amer. Laundry & Machinery Co.
40 E. 34th St.
New York City, N.Y.
Laundry equipment
Amer. Metal Bearings
16th & Imperial St.
Los Angeles, Calif.
Shaft bearings
Arnot-Jamestown Div.
Aetna Steel Products
730 Fifth Ave.
New York 19, N.Y.
Joiner work and furniture


Atwood and Morrill Co. 6" orifice valve
Salem, Mass.  
Aurora Pump Division of Pumps, bilge and ballast
New York Air Brake Co. Pumps, fire
4610 Loucks St. Pumps, salt water
Aurora, Ill. Rumps, air condt.
  Pumps, sump.
Auth Electric Co., Inc. Wheelhouse alarm panel
34-20 45th St. Hospital and stewards call sys.
Long Island City, N.Y. Burglar alarm equip.
Automatic Switch Co. Auto. bus transfer equip.
Florham Park, New Jersey  
Avondale Marine Ways Steel castings
Box 1030  
New Orleans, La.  
Bailey Refrigeration Co. Refrigerators
115 King St.  
Brooklyn 31, N.Y.  
Baldt Anchor & Chain Div. Anchors and chains
of the Boston Metal Co.  
P. O. Box 350  
Chester, Pa.  
Besler Corp. Emergency boilers and pumps
Ft. of Harlan Ave.  
Oakland 8, Calif.  
Bethlehem Steel Co. Propeller and steel plates
Suburban Station Bldg.  
Philadelphia, Pa.  
James Biddle Co. Portable elec. instruments
1312 Arch St.  
Philadelphia, Pa.  
Birdsboro Steel Foundry Steel castings
and Machine Company  
49 Furnace Street  
Birdsboro, Pa.  
G. S. Blakeslee and Co. Galley equipment
3822 S. Laramie Ave.  
Chicago 50, Ill.  


Bludworth Marine Div. of Echo depth sounder
Kearfott Co., Inc.  
1378 Main Ave.  
Clifton, N.J.  
Boston & Lockport Block Co. Rigging gear
110 Condor St.  
Boston, Mass.  
Brownell Associates, Inc. Cooling coils
135 E. 42nd St.  
New York 17, N.Y.  
Buffalo Forge Co. Ventilation fans
15th and H Sts.  
Washington 5, D. C.  
A. M. Byers & Co. Wrought Iron Pipe
Farnam Clark Bldg.  
Pittsburgh, Pa.  
Carrier Corporation Refrigeration stores equip.
385 Madison Ave. Galley equip.
New York, New York Ships service air-condt. equip.
  Pumps, vacuum
Century Lighting Inc. Dimmers for main lounge
521 W. 43rd St.  
N. Y. 36, N. Y.  
Chapman Valve Co. Main injector and overboard
Broad and Arch Sts. Discharge valves
Philadelphia 7, Pa.  
Chem. Pump Corp. Pump - waste transfer
1313 E. Mermaid Lane  
Philadelphia, Pa.  
Chicago Pump Co. Pumps, sewage, motor driven
2300 Wolfram St.  
Chicago, Ill.  
Clark-Cooper Co. Steam whistle
516 N. Market St.  
Palmyra, N. J.  
Cleaver Brooks Evaporating plants.
225 N. Grand Ave.  
Waukesha, Wisc.  


Colorado Fuel & Iron Co. Steel plates
Wickwire Spencer Div. Flanged and disc heads
Claymont, Del.  
Commercial Engineering Purifiers, diesel oil
1627 K St., N. W.  
Washington 6, D. C.  
Commercial Radio Sound Corp. Broadcast Antenna Sys.
652 First Ave.  
New York, N. Y.  
Continental Electric Co. Motor generator sets
325 Ferry St.  
Newark 5, New Jersey  
Crane Co. Plumbing fixtures
245 Master St.  
Phila., Pa.  
Crouse Hinds Co. Elec. fittings and fixtures
1347 Wolf St.  
Syracuse, N. Y.  
Cutler Hammer, Inc. Fire door closing equip.
1391 W. St. Paul Ave,  
Milwaukee, Wisc.  
Davis Engineering Fresh water sample coolers
1064 E. Grand St. Water heaters
Elizabeth, N. J.. Blowdown evaporator
Detroit Controls Corp. Pressure switches
5900 Trumbull Ave.  
Detroit, Mich.  
L. C. Doane Co. Electric fixtures
Essex, Conn.  
Eastern Cold Storage Insulation Insulation
101 Park Avenue  
New York 17, New York  
Enterprise Galvanizing Co. Galvanizing
Cumberland & Almond Sts.  
Phila., Pa.  
Exide Industrial Div. Rectifiers
101 N. 33rd St.  
Phila. 4, Pa.  


Fairbanks Morse Emergency diesel generator
401 N. Broad St.  
Phila., Pa.  
Federated Metals Div. Lead shielding
Perth Amboy, N. J.  
Galbraith-Pilot Marine Div. Salinity equipment
of Marine Electric Corp. Public Address equipment
600 Fourth Street Music entertainment sys.
Brooklyn, New York  
Griscolm-RNSell Co. Blowdown evaporators
Land Title Bldg.  
Phila., Pa.  
Gruendler Crusher & Galley equip.
Pulverizing Co.  
2915 N. Market St.  
St. Louis, Mo.  
Henschel Corp. Shaft revolution indicator equip.
Amesbury, Mass. Rudder angle indicator equip.
  Engine order telegraph equip.
  Audible signal bells & contacts
Hose McCann Telephone Co. Sound powered telephone equip.
25th and 3rd Avenues  
Brooklyn, N. Y.  
Hotpoint Company Galley equipment
5600 W. Taylor St. Electric ranges
Chicago 44, Ill.  
Insinger Machine Co. Dishwashing machines
6245 State Road  
Phila., Pa.  
Intrusion Prepakt Co. Reinforced concrete
Western Savings Fund Bldg. for secondary shielding
Phila., Pa.  
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Jr. steel shapes
462 Gateway Center  
Pittsburgh, Penna.  
Kearfott Co. Windows
117 Liberty St. Fixed lights
New York City, N.Y.  


Kennedy Valve & Mfg. Co. Misc. valves
Elmira, New York  
Walter Kidde Co. Mn. alarm and fire
Suburban Sta. Bldg. Dect. sys.
Phila., Pa.  
Koven Fabricators Fresh water heaters
98 E. Dickerson St. Air tanks
Dover, N. J.  
Lake Shore Corp. Winches - cargo and topping
17 Battery Place Winches - accommodation ladder
New York 4, New York  
Lamson, Inc. Pneumatic tube equipment
303 Lawrence St.  
Syracuse 1, New York  
Lovell Dressel Co. Electric fixtures
478 Forest St. Electric fixtures
Arlington, N. J.  
Lukenweld Division of Swimming pool
Lukens Steel Co.  
572 Highway Bldg.  
Coatesville, Pa.  
Lukens Steel Co. Steel plate
572 Highway Bldg.  
Coatesville, Pa.  
Luminator, Inc. Electric fixtures
120 N. Peoria St.  
Chicago, Ill.  
MacGregor Commarain, Inc. Cargo Hatches
Box 231  
Middletown, Pa.  
Marine Electronics, Inc. Electrical test panel
1510 Guilford Ave. General alarm panel
Baltimore, Md.  
Marlo Coil Co. Heating Coils
6135 Manchester Ave.  
St. Louis, Mo.  
Mar-Oil Electric, Inc. Electric storage battery
219 Hudson St.  
Hoboken, N. J.  


Mackay Radio & Telegraph Co. Radio direction finding equip.
15 Lombard St. Radio equipment Loran system
Philadelphia, Pa. Lifeboat radios
Midvale Heppenstall Co. Steel forgings
Nice town  
Philadelphia, Pa.  
Mink-Dayton Co. Lighting fixtures
117 N. Fendlay St.  
Bayton, Ohio  
Minneapolis-Honeywell Auto. heating and air condition
Reg. Co. Control system
3345 W. Hunting Part Ave.  
Philadelphia 32, Pa.  
Mobile Pulley & Machine Works Steel castings
1301 Tennessee Ave.  
Mobile, Ala.  
Julius Mock & Sons, Inc. Hatches
777 Rutland St. Manholes
Brooklyn 3, N. Y. Doors  
Paul Morrow Co. Pilot house console
Wilmington, Del.  
Murlin Mfg. Co. Electrical fixtures
200 Bk. S. Ambler  
Quakertown, Pa.  
Nash Engineering Pumps, priming-motor driven
254 S. 15th St.  
Phila., Pa.  
Natale Machine & Tool Co. Flood lights for
Broad St. & Highway #17 Containment vessel
Carlstadt, N. J..  
New England Trawler Equip.Co. Towline cable reels
299 Eastern Ave.  
Chelsea, Mass.  
Ohio Injector Corp. Valves
Suburban Station Bldg.  
Phila., Pa.  
Otis Elevator Co. Elevators, stores, cargo
502 N. 19th St. and passengers
Phila., Pa.  


Perkins Marine Lamp Visual whistle signal equip.
and Hardware  
47 Pitkin Ave.  
Brooklyn, N. Y.  
Phelps Dodge Copper Prod.Co. Marine cable
Yonkers, New York  
Phoenix Iron and Steel Co. Steel plate
Harrisburg, Pa.  
Progress Electronics Co. Adapters, plugs and jacks
Dept. P-6, 296 Broadway  
New York, New York  
Radio Corp. of America Radio telephone equip.
Front and Cooper Sts. Radar Equip.
Camden, New Jersey Television equip.
Randolph Potts Co. Grinder-(Standard Tool Co.)
6745 Torresdale Ave. Drill press-(Royersford)
Phila., Pa.  
J. T. Reddy Co. Engine lathe (South Bend)
162 S. Easton Rd.  
Phila., Pa.  
Remler Co. F. M. antenna sys.
2101 Bryant St. Dumbwaiter comm. sys.
San Francisco, Calif.  
Ross Heat Exchanger Div. of Supply gland leakoff vapor
American Standard Condensers
Suburban Square Bldg.  
Ardmore, Pa.  
Rudman & Scofield Cooking and commissary equip.
277 Pearl St.  
New York 38, New York  
Sandusky Foundry & Machine Co. Centrifugal castings
Sandusky, Ohio  
Shenango Furnace Co. Centrifugal castings
Dover, Ohio  
Simes Co. Illum. signs and fixtures
114-15 15th St.  
College Point, L. I., N.Y.  


Sperry Piedmont Co. Div. of Gyro compass equip.
Sperry Rand Corp. Gyro pilot
Willoughby St.  
Brooklyn, New York  
Square D Corp. Fused disconnect switches
2310 Haverford Rd.  
Ardmore, Fa.  
Sterling Bronze Co. Electric fixtures
211-63rd St.  
Brooklyn, New York  
Superior Linderwood Capstans
Mundy Corp.  
7 Day St,  
New York 7, N. Y.  
Trane Company Convectors
Suburban Station Bldg.  
Phila., Pa.  
U. S. Steel Corp. Steel plates, shapes
Box 2069 Sheet and bar
Pittsburgh, Pa.  
Viking Pump Co. Pumps, diesel oil
2336 Fairmount Ave. Transfer and booster
Phila. 30, Pa.  
Warren Pump Co. Pumps, salt water
200 Bridges Ave. Intermediate heat exchanger
Warren, Mass.  
Washington Aluminum Co. Accom. ladders
Penna. Railroad & Knecht Ave.  
Baltimore, Md.  
Welin Boat & Davit Co. Life boats
500 Market St.  
Perth Amboy, N. J.  
Western Gear Corp. Cargo winches
417 - 9th Ave., South  
Seattle, Wash.  
Westinghouse Electric Co. Switchboard mn. generator and
3001 Walnut St. distribution
Phila., Pa. Switchboard - emergency
  Steering power transfer
  Distribution panels
  Polyethylene sheets/shielding


C. H. Wheeler Windlass
19th & Lehigh Ave.  
Phila., Pa.  
Williams, Brown & Earle Sound motion picture equip.
904 Chestnut St.  
Phila., Pa.  
L. J. Wing Mfg. Co. Vent fans
55-D Vreeland Mills Rd.  
Linden, N. J.  
Alan Wood Steel Co. Steel plate
Wood Road  
Conshohocken, Pa.  
Worthington Pump Co. Pumps, submersible bilge
426 Worthington Ave. Motor driven
Harrison, N. J.  
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. Steel plates
1954 Stambaugh Bldg.  
Youngstown, Ohio  





Reactor vessel and Babcock & Wilcox
structural internals Barberton Works,
  Barberton, Ohio
Fuel Elements Babcock & Wilcox
  Nuclear Facilities Plant
  Lynchburg, Virginia
(a) Fuel in powder form Mallinckrodt Chemical
  St. Louis, Mo.
(b) Forming fuel into B & W
pellets Nuclear Facilities Plant
  Lynchburg, Va.
(c) Fuel tubes B & W
  Tubular Products Division
  Beaver Falls, Pa.
Cruciform control rods B & W
  Nuclear Facilities Plant
  Lynchburg, Va.
Control rod drive system General Electric
  Nuclear Products Division
  San Jose, Calif.
Primary piping B & W
  Tubular Products Division
  Beaver Falls, Pa.
Steam generators (Heat B & W
exchangers and steam Boiler Division
drums) Barberton, Ohio
(a) Primary gate valves Crane Co.
  Chicago, Ill.
(b) Primary check valves Edwards Valve Co.
  E. Chicago, Ind.
Primary Coolant pumps Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co.
  Milwaukee, Wis.
Primary demineralizers Cochrane Co.
  Phila., PA.


Effluent filters Cuno Engineering
  Meridan, Conn.
Gaseous waste collection sys. Arthur D. Little Co.
  Cambridge, Mass.
Letdown coolers Graham Mfg. Co.
  Batavia, N.Y.
Duffer charge pumps Worthington Corp.
  Harrison, N. J.
Booster pumps Worthington Corp.
  Harrison, N. J.
Pressurizer B & W
  Boiler Division
  Barberton, Ohio
Intermediate coolers Struthers-Wells
  Warren, Pa.
Containment vessel air Buffalo Forge
conditioning system Buffalo, N.Y.
Primary shield tank Knapp Mills Co.
  Wilmington, Del.
Buffer surge tank Gary Steel Co.
  Lynchburg, Va.
Buffer seals Stein Seal Co.
  Philadelphia, Pa.
Containment vessel and Constructed by New York
shielding Shipbuilding Corp. according
  to B & W design parameters.
Hydrogen addition system Air Reduction Co.
  Charlotte, N. C.
Emergency Cooler Graham Mfg. Co.
  Batavia, N. Y.
Pressurizer heaters E. L. Wiegand
  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Emergency cooling pump Chempump Co.
  Philadelphia, Pa.


Pressurizer relief valves Manning, Maxwell & Moore
  Stratford, Conn.
Boiler safety valves Manning, Maxwell & Moore
  Stratford, Conn.
Insulation Johns-Manville Co.
  Philadelphia, Pa.
Intermediate system surge tank Richmond Engineering
  Richmond, Va.
Effluent condensing tank Richmond Engineering
  Richmond, Va.
Buffer seal coolers Struthers Wells
  Warren, Pa.
Main steam valves Edwards Valve Co.
  E. Chicago, Ill.


Steam turbines DeLaval Steam Turbine Co.
  Trenton, N. J.
Main reduction gear DeLaval Steam Turbine Co.
  Trenton, N. J.
* Main and auxiliary condensers Ingersoll Rand Corp.
  Phillipsburg, N. J.
* Main turbine-driven feed pumps Worthington Corp.
  Harrison, N. J.
* Main and auxiliary condensate Worthington Corp.
pumps Harrison, N. J.
* Low pressure feedwater heater Davis Co.
  Elizabeth, N.J.
* De-aerating feedwater heater Worthington Corp.
  Harrison, N.J.
* High pressure feedwater Davis Co.
heater Elizabeth, N.J.
* Main and auxiliary air IngersoIl-Rand
ejectors Phillipsburg, N.J.


* Turbine generators: G. E.
Generators: Schenectady, N.Y.
Turbine Generators: DeLaval Steam Turbine Co.
Turbines: Trenton, N. J.
Electrical switchgear Westinghouse
  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Lube oil service pumps (IMO) DeLaval Steam Turbine Co.
  Trenton, N. J.
* Lube oil purifier DeLaval Separator Co.
  Paughkeepsie, N. Y.
* Main circulating pumps Worthington Corp.
  Harrison, N. J.
* Moisture separator V. D. Anderson
  Cleveland, Ohio
* Maneuvering valve Gimpel Machine Works
  Philadelphia, Pa.

*By subcontract from DeLaval Steam Turbine Company


Diesel generator sets Cleveland Diesel Division
  General Motors Corporation
Take-home motor General Electric Co.
  Schenectady, N. Y.
  (subcontract to DeLaval)
Emergency package Cyclotherm Co.
  Oswego, N. Y.
Low pressure steam generator Drava Co.
  Ellicot City, Md.



Non-nuclear instrumentation Bailey Meter Co.
and controls Cleveland, Ohio
Main control panel and two Bailey Meter Co.
auxiliary control panels Cleveland, Ohio
Nuclear instrumentation Westinghouse
  E. Pittsburgh, Pa.
  (subcontract to
  Bailey Meter Co.)
Radiation Monitoring Westinghouse
  E. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Reactor control and safety Westinghouse
system Pittsburgh, Pa.
  (subcontract to
  Bailey Meter Co.)


Stud tensioner Diamond Power Specialty Corp.
  Lancaster, Ohio
Fuel transfer shield E & W Works
  Barberton, Ohio
Fuel transfer manipulator E & W Works
plug Barberton, Ohio
Core internals transfer cask B & W Works
  Barberton, Ohio
Fuel element transfer cask B & W Works
  Barberton, Ohio
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