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Savannah's nuclear reactor is located in the containment vessel accessed through this airlock.

The containment vessel, 35 feet in diameter and 50.5 feet long, is located in the reactor space. It houses the Savannah's entire reactor plant and primary cooling system. It is designed to contain all the water and steam released in the event of a mechanical failure of the pressurized water loops (maximum credible accident) and to support the lead and polyethylene shielding covering the upper half of the containment vessel under a 30° roll.

The containment vessel is continuously air-conditioned to maintain a temperature of 120°F. and is ventilated only when the hatch is open and the plant shut down. Continuous radiation monitoring of exhaust air is provided.

See a view of the forward access plug with access to containment vessel.

Drawing of Savannah with a view of the CV cut away.
Location of the reactor containment vessel.

photo of CV during construction.
Photo of containment vessel during construction. Note the two men at the top of the photo for scale.

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