Main Deck Aft Perisicope shears and antennas Main deck forward Spacer for image fit
Conning tower Spacer for image fit
Forward end of submarine Spacer for image fit
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Main Deck Aft Perisicope shears and antennas Main Deck Forward Conning Tower After Torpedo Room Maneuvering Room Motor Room After Engine Room After Engine Room Lower Flat Forward Engine Room Forward Engine Room Lower Flat After Battery Compartment (Crew Berthing) Crew's Mess and the Galley Radio Room Control Room Pump Room Forward Battery (Officer's Country) Forward Torpedo Room
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Main Ballast Tank 6A is outside the pressure hull wrapped around the Forward Engine Room.

Inside Main Ballast Tank 6A you can see the smaller round pressure hull with the external frames. Also visible are high pressure air bottles that are part of an air bank. The pipe that leads up from the pressure hull to the outer hull is the sanitary tank discharge. Looking up you can see the ballast vent valve used to let air out when filling the tank, and the open manhole (normally sealed) used by the photographer to get into the tank.

photo of vent valve
Another view of the ballast tank vent valve.

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