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TRIM AND DRAIN SYSTEM: The trim system is used to stabilize the submarine by moving water ballast to various trimming tanks located throughout the boat. The drain system is used to drain water from condensation, leakage from hatches during diving and surfacing operations, the escape trunk, and to pump the bilge overboard. The two systems are interconnected through the trim manifold in the control room to allow either system to be operated by either pump when necessary. Because Pampanito is designed to dive or surface very quickly and maintain fore and aft stability at all times, these two systems are critical to the operation of the submarine.

TANK ARRANGEMENTS: Water ballast, fuel oil and trim tanks are located between the pressure hull and outer hull. Miscellaneous storage tanks for fresh water, lube oil, torpedo alcohol, and sanitary waste are located within the pressure hull.

STEERING AND DIVE PLANES: These systems control the vessel on the surface and when submerged. There is one large rudder on the stern to control the course. The two fixed stern planes mounted aft of the propellers and the two retractable bow planes control the vessel when submerged.

WATER SYSTEM: Fresh water is either stored or distilled from sea water on-board for use in drinking, cooking, washing, cooling engines, and for use in the storage batteries and steam powered Mark 10 and 14 torpedoes.

VENTILATION AND EXHAUST SYSTEM: Air is supplied through a thirty-six inch valve located in the after end of the conning tower. Air is supplied to the engine rooms, and bypass air to the maneuvering room, through piping and valves at the top of the pressure hull. Ship's supply and exhaust blowers are located in the forward engine room, and battery exhaust blowers are located in each battery compartment.

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