Photo of DCRE
Depth Charge Range Estimator.


Description.- The depth charge range estimator (DCRE) is a device which provides the submarine conning officer with an approximate estimation of the range of depth charge explosions in his vicinity based on the intensity of the sound received. The sound is picked up by a hydrophone and fed to an amplifier with a dial and pointer which indicates the approximate range.

Circuits.-The voltage produced in the hydrophone is stepped up, rectified, and impressed across a voltage divider. Depending on its magnitude, one or more of four triggering tubes is fired, their total plate current registers on a meter, giving an indication of the signal intensity. Means are provided for calibrating the device.

Power supply.-110 volts, d. c.

Hydrophones.-Magnetostrictive, polarized by permanent magnetization.

Tube complement.-5 type 12SN7-GT, 3 type VR-75.


The information enclosed here is excerpted from:
Catalogue of Naval Electronic Equipment-April 1946- NavShips 900,116.


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