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Model BN Transmitter-Receiver.
Model BN Transmitter-Receiver.

Description.-BN series are small Mark III IFF interrogator-responsors for use with shipborne radars equipped to receive IFF video pulses. They can he installed where space is at a premium They interrogate transpondors AN/APX-1, AN/APX-2, SCR-595 (ABK series) and SCR-695. The BN is designed for operation with all surface-detection radars, with SD series (submarine radars), with SP-1M, SK-1M, and with fire-control radars Mark 4 and Mark H.
BN-1 is similar to BN except that it has an improved high-gain receiver.

Power supply.-225 watts, 105 to 125 volts, 50 to 425 cps.

Indication and data output.-Data displayed on A-scope of associated radar as a downward deflection. It can also be displayed on PPI. There is a separate A-scope for fire-control.

Transmitter specifications:
  Frequency       157 to 187 Mc.
  R-f source      15E.
  R-f lines       Flexible coax, PT-5.
  Pulser type     Hard tube.
  R-f peak power  1.0 kw.
  Pulse rates     0 to 500 pps.
  Pulse lengths   5 to 9 micro seconds.
Receiver specifications:
  Type                Superheterodyne.
  Stages              BN: 2 r.f.; 5 i.f.  
                      BN-1: 1 r.f.; 5 i.f.
  Local oscillator    6J5.
  Intermediate freq.  28 to 32 Mc. (stagger tuned).
  Band pass           4 i.f.
  Mixer               BN: 9006.  BN-l 6J6.
  Signal+noise/noise  3 to 1.
  Sensitivity         BN: 96 to 100 db below 1 volt.
                      BN-1: greater than 100 db below 1 volt.
Antenna specifications.-Vertical dipole when using "steering-wheel" or "life-preserver" type antenna. Use of directional antenna depends on tactical requirements.

Tube complement.-1 type 6J6, 1 type 6SH7, 1 type 9006, 1 type 6J5, 9 type 6AC7, 3 type 6H6, 1 type 6E5, 1 type 6AG7, 2 type 6SN7GT, 2 type 6L6GT, 1 type 3B24, 1 type 5U4G, 1 type 15E

        Dimensions and weights
      Unit           Height  Width   Length  Weight
                     Inches  Inches  Inches  Pounds
Transmitter-receiver 14 3/8  20 1/16  20 1/2  110
Duplexer, CT-50ACW    4 3/4   4 5/8   21       18
Literature.-Instruction book (Ships 232A). "Servicing IFF Mark III equipment with TS-182/UP Test Set" (NavShips 900, 104).


The information enclosed here is excerpted from:
Catalogue of Naval Electronic Equipment-April 1946- NavShips 900,116.


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