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Preservation Campaign

The preservation of the USS Pampanito is an important on-going job that requires work on a daily basis as well as regular cyclic dry docking. Scheduled to enter the dry dock every seven years, the Pampanito is the only historic naval museum ship to have completed four dry dockings as a museum. Help us continue to maintain and preserve the Pampanito by donating to her preservation campaign. This is a restricted fund designed exclusively to insure the continued preservation and maintenance of the Pampanito’s hull and structural components. Help us preserve this unique vessel, which honors the past as a living monument and memorial to the submariners who served in World War II and touches the future as a museum and educational facility.

Every seven years Pampanito must be dry-docked to do work that cannot be done at pier 45. Below is just a partial list of services to be performed on Pampanito during her next drydocking:
• Inspect, repair and paint the underwater hull
• Inspect and repair underwater hull openings, including torpedo tube doors
• Perform underwater steel repairs that have been deferred in past dry-dockings
• Perform necessary repairs that cannot be done when ship is open to the public
• Perform necessary repairs that require shipyard skills and equipment
• Inspect and repair tanks

As the stewards of Pampanito, we are organized as a 501(3)c non-profit organization. We are not funded by the government or by any outside supporter. For crucial dry-docking, maintenance and repairs of Pampanito, we rely completely on private donations. To carry out the next dry-docking of the Pampanito we will need to raise $800,000 in the form of donations and grants from individuals, corporations and foundations.

Please consider making a donation to the USS Pampanito!

If you have questions about the USS Pampanito Preservation Campaign,
please call 415-561-6662 email us.

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