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Operational Systems and Equipment

Pampanito is a machine. The best way to preserve a piece of machinery is often to fully restore it and carefully operate it. For example, engines do not benefit from long periods of inactivity. The parts should be lubricated and moved. When electrical equipment is operated it warms up and the moisture is expelled. The most comprehensive method of restoring the submarine is to think of it as a series of systems. To restore a system is to deal with all of its components. There are limits, of course, dictated by the concerns of the Navy and the safety of visitors. There are no plans to propel Pampanito under her own power, for example. Even when Pampanito was seen operating at flank speed in the film Down Periscope, it was done with special effects and an underwater towing bridle. Further limits are set in the interests of visitor safety. It is not advisable, for example, to have a charged high pressure manifold that can be operated by an inquisitive ten year old visitor.

With all that in mind, many systems have been restored to operational condition. Four of the five diesel engines have been started and one is run for short periods of time a few times a year. The auxiliary systems have largely been put back on line, although they are carefully secured when not in use. For example, most of the hydraulics including the periscopes are operational, the Torpedo Data Computer, gyrocompass work. Food can be prepared in the galley, the fresh water system, heads and the sinks and showers amidships are all working. Much of the radio equipment is operational, etc.

We estimate that over 1/2 the equipment aboard has been restored, below is a list of significant equipment that has been operated during the museum era:

  • Fairbanks Morse 8 1/8, 10 cylinder main engines.
  • Fairbanks Morse 5 1/8, 8 cylinder auxiliary engine, including self-excited power generation.
  • Fuel transfer pumps.
  • Main ventilation blowers.
  • Trim and Drain system. Including vacuum priming system and all manifolds.
  • Aft battery blower.
  • One of two Hardie Tynes high pressure air compressors.
  • 3,000 lb and 225 lb air distribution manifold.
  • Main hydraulics including both DeLevalle IMO pumps, indicator and accumulator systems.
  • Periscope and Radar Mast hydraulics.
  • Bow Plane Rigging and Tilt hydraulics, including indicators.
  • Torpedo tube hydraulics.
  • Main induction hydraulic valve, engine exhaust hydraulics.
  • Rudder hydraulics and controls.
  • Trim and Drain system, including all three pumps and the manifold.
  • SV radar mast hydraulics.
  • All electrical power services (250 VDC, 125 VDC, 125 VAC, 6 VAC)
  • Forward and After Auxiliary. Distribution Panels, 250 VDC
  • IC Switchboard, including both 120 VDC, 120 VAC and 6 VAC distribution.
  • Lighting distribution system, including distribution panel, 120 VDC.
  • Emergency lighting system. The system is supplied a modern UPS over the original distribution.
  • TBL main radio transmitter including speech amplifier.
  • RAK and RAL main radio receivers.
  • SCR-624 VHF radio and LS-10 speaker amplifier.
  • Electronic Cipher Machine (ECM Mark II)
  • 1MC/7MC announcing system and alarms.
  • SV and SJ radar training mechanisms.
  • Torpedo Data Computer Mark III (TDC Mark III)
  • Arma Mk 7 Gyrocompass
  • Bendix Dummy Log, speed and distance.
  • Both GISR's (torpedo gyro setters), fully under the control of the TDC.
  • 20mm and 40mm AA guns.
  • Both of the galley stoves.
  • Fresh water system.


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