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Bunks are available for sleeping in the After Battery Compartment (Crew's Quarters) and the Forward Battery Compartment (Officers' Quarters). There are thirty-six (36) bunks in the Crew's Quarters and twelve (12) bunks in the Officers' Quarters.  Do not use any of the bunks in either the Forward or After Torpedo Rooms, as they are not safe for use!

Please make bunk assignments prior to arrival to avoid any confusion or disagreements when you arrive. The compartment layout forms are available upon registration and have space for you to write names for making bunk assignments. In the Crew's Quarters, bunks are in three tiers, so make assignments by listing names for top, middle and bottom. Officers' Quarter's berthing is slightly different, but can be assigned in similar fashion.

Please remember, each member of the group is responsible for bringing their own sleeping bag or other bedding material. We do not provide any blankets or pillows.

At least three adult supervisors must sleep in the Crew's Quarters to oversee the group members berthed there.

For groups with male and female campers, you may wish to designate either the Crew's Quarters or the Officers' Quarters for use by one gender only. Follow any specific rules your group or organization may have for this situation.


From 2400 through 0700, seven watch sections will be established. Each watch will last one hour.

Watch personnel will consist of at least two crewmembers and one adult supervisor, depending on the size of the group. In any event, at least one adult supervisor must be awake at any given time during the night to assist crewmembers with any problems. A log book will be provided for watchstanders to record activities.

The watch routine will consist of:

  • Keep a fire watch-if there is any sign of smoke or fire, immediately notify an adult supervisor and the Pampanito staff on duty.
  • Pick up any trash and wipe up any liquid spills on the deck.
  • Move any personal belongings that may be found in any of the passageways.
  • Check hourly to make certain the fresh water valves on both toilets are shut tight and that the flushing (flapper) valves are shut as well.
  • Watch for any signs of running or dripping water on the boat-notify supervisor or staff if there is a problem.
  • If you see anything unusual or which just doesn't look right, notify an adult supervisor.
  • Work on the Submarine Qualification Worksheets which will be provided to you.
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the group leaders.
  • Use the Log Book we provide for making notations about the routine duties performed or about any other interesting happenings which occurred on your watch. Be sure to include times and complete descriptions.


Crewmembers should be assigned in advance to be responsible for the many duties to be performed during your stay on board the USS Pampanito. These duties include:
  • K.P. Duty - handle all aspects of food service planning & clean up
  • Reveille - responsible for waking all crew members in morning at pre-set time
  • Colors - raise American flag on the conning tower (notify our staff in advance if you would like to perform this duty.
  • Clean-up - assign who is to clean what before departure in the morning.
  • Other - if you have other activities during your visit, delegate responsibilities

For more information, please contact Scout Coordinator, Alice via email,
or call (415) 561-6662 x 33


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