USS Pampanito

Artifact and Document Donor Honor Roll

This page attempts to collect together the names of some of the many donors of equipment, manuals and historic documents to USS Pampanito. Our many donors to projects at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park are gratefully recognized elsewhere.

This page does not include the very many groups and individuals that have helped us by providing in-kind services, donating money, or selling us equipment and documentation we needed (frequently at below market prices). It also does not include the many people that have gone out of their way to help us with advice and leads that are the backbone of our effort. We really appreciate everyone's help in locating and supplying the equipment and documentation that enables restoration of USS Pampanito.

We apologize if we have missed your donation in this list, please send me a note and it will be corrected.

Private Individuals and Organizations:

Advanced Test Products, SPX Corporation - Refrigerant recovery machine, leak detector.
Al Jones - Radio Tubes
Alan Macdonald - WWII Victory Book; newspapers from 1945
Allan Vaughan - Binoculars, Clock, Name Plates, Artifacts, Historic Documents.
Andrew Mitz - Radio Manual
Andy Lenox - Historic Documents, Manuals
Ann A. McDonald - Artifacts
Anthony Grech - USN foul weather jacket;  USN peacoat
Arco Petroleum Products Company - VCR and Monitor
Arnie Abrams - Microfiche Readers
Air Marine Inc. - Rick Ferrar - Two torpedo gyros.
August Link - Surcom Associates, Inc. - Radio and Radar Documentation
Bart Lee - RBO radio
Bill Doll - Books
Bob's Iron - Custom fabricated metal items.
Bob Taylor - Sub Association Plaque
Brian McDonald - Artifacts
Brian York - USS Pampanito Cutawy Models
C&D Equipment Co., Dick Pecore - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Spare Parts
Charles E. Jackson - Commissioning pennants, photos, Disney artwork.
Charles Manning - Radiotelegraph key
Charles Phillips - Clock, Compass, Radio Equipment
Charles Wittenborn - TDC Manual
Chuck Nelson - 9 Mark 14 Torpedos, 1 Torpedo Warhead, 1 Exercise Warhead, Torpedo Propellers, Gauges and other artifacts.
Crane Pumps - Repair of Sawyer Submersible Pump.
Crowley Maritime - Services of all kinds.
D. Shane Grogan - Launching ribbon, Pampanito/Picuda
Darrly Kasper - 20 MM Magazines
Dave Hauck - Books
Dave Stinson - Radio Crystals
David Jones - Replica Condiment Racks
David Russell - Collection of Watercolors and Pencil and Pen Ink Drawings
Dean Soldering - Radio Manuals
Dennis DuVall - Radio Crystal
Dennis Franklin - Electron Tubes
Dennis Kelly - Photographs
Dennis J. Tomczak--San Francisco postcard set, 1943
Devoe (Amron) Paint Company - Paint and Expert services.
Doc Taylor - Watercolor of Pampanito Emblem
Donald A. Drake - Mk 22 Gimbled Watch Chronometer
Don Merz - Radio Manuals and Radio Shock Mount
Donald Scherer - Commissioning Mug and Pennant
Dr. T.O. Paine - Manuals and books.
Duncan Brown - GE Electric Percolator
Ed Thorpe - Radio Equipment and tubes
Eric H. Krasner, The Krasner Collection Inc. - 16 MM Entertainment Film
Ernestine O'Kane -57 artifacts, and more than 100 photos/clippings/articles relating to the career of her late husband, RADM Richard  H. O'Kane
Exide Corporation - Pervailer Sealed Lead Acid batteries for emergency lighting
George Fredlund - 16 MM Movie Camera
George Kowski - Paul Pappas Memorabilia
Gerald E. Andersen - Manuals
Gerald Carlson - Submarine Depth Gauge
George Clark - various uniform items
Gordon Hopper - US Flag Flown by Pampanito at the end of the war.
Gyro Systems Inc., Buddy Creakmore - Arma Mk 7 Gyro Equipment, DRAI, DRT, Dummy Log, and more...
H. Alton Schick - Dive Klaxon, Code Trainer, OBA, Signal Lamp, Dolphin Casting
Harry Gartsman - ship restoration materials
Harry Nystrom--ditty bag ("bunk bag") from USS Greenfish;  USN peacoat, c.1952.
Henry Engstrom - Radio Equipment and Manuals
Herman Bansemer - Radio tubes, Books,  Manuals, Documents, Synchros
Holt Tool and Machine Inc. - 40 mm gun foundation replica
Hubble Electric Heater Company - Electric Water Heater
Hugh Smith (in memory of his father) - Torpedo Gyro
IKON Office Solutions - Scanning of manuals
Instruments East - Meters and Thermometers
Jack Diffily - Gassfinder, Pyrometers, OBA, Explosivemeter, Radio Receivers and Power Supplies, Direction Finder and other artifacts.
Jack Trotter - USS Pompano first day cover
Jack Wright - Training Manuals
James Ferrigan - Books
James Pennell - His own WW II Service Record, including Pampanito
Jay Boggess - Power Diodes
Jeff Huselid - SCR-522 Radio
Jerry Carlson - deep depth gauge
Jerry Proc - Radio Manuals
Jim Adams - Artifacts, Documentation
Jim Beeler - Radio Manual
Jim McGrahan - Historic Documents, Books
Joe Senft - Binoculars
John Greene - Historic Documents, Photographs
Johne Junkin - Manuals, Peacot from USS Plaice
Joseph Eichner - Books
J.R. Peters Co. Inc., Joel Peters - Air Compressor Equipment
Kollmorgan Electro-Optics - Periscope and Periscope Parts
Larry Godek - Radio Manuals and Equipment
Lawrence A. Demers and Kevin Demers - Japanese Paybook and Newspaper, Citation for Maurice Demers, POW Narratives
Len Vaden - Generator Motor
Lowell Harris -OBA
Manson Crane, Glenn Edwards and Pete Paup- 2 Fairbanks Morse D8 81/8 engines, Tools, Spare Parts, Services.
Marvin Wong - USN enlisted wool blouse, tools
Manson Construction - Moorings
Matson - Shipping of Torpedo Excercise Warheads
Mervin Hill - Bible carried by Pampanito crew, ID Pass, Photos
Michael Lannon - picture frame;  1940 Glamour magazine
Michael Wilkinson - Manual
Mike Hanz - ABK Test Set
Mike Tara - RAL-5 Radio
Mrs. Peder Granum - Historic Documents and Personal Effects of Crewman Anton Granum
Nash Engineering - Vacuum Float Valve for the Trim and Drain System
Paul Dane - RIP-5, Cryptographic Communications Mill
Paul Thekan - BN Equipment
Pam Overmann - Document copies.
Pecos Bill Field - Stadimeter Richard Bergsund - Framed Print
Power Machine Co. (PMC) - Air Compressor
Ramco Rotors Inc. - Repair of submersible pump rotor.
Richard Myrick - Graphic art services.
Richard Pekelney - Numerous Artifacts and Documentation
Rick Bugner - Toaster, Coffee Caraf and brewing funnel
Robert Bennett - USS Pampanito Ship's Orders and Organization log book
Robert Downs - Many Manuals and Documentation
Robert Nelson - Typewriter repair.
Robert Raudso - RAO-3 Radio Receiver
Robert Sumrall - Manual.
Roy J. Hill - manual, period magazines
Roy Coats - Bunks, Ladder, DRT, Brass Compass, Gryocompass repeater, Mark 7 Gyrocompass, Teak Plugs, and other Artifacts.
Ruby Risser - Books and photos
Scale Effects, Ed Williams - Model submarine
Schoonmaker - Spare parts for the Fairbanks Morse OP E5 1/4
Scott Anderson - Experimental Submarine
Scott Thiele - POW Plaque, Australian Flag
Sea River Corporation - Towing Services
Stanford Submersible Research Project, Scott Anderson, Mark Brius, Scott Chamness, Tony Stone - Experimental submarine.
Stanley Fishfader - Teak Wood
Steve Bartowski - Radio Manuals
Steve Finelli - Manuals and Radio Parts
Smith Clock Co., David Smith - Repair of Sinuous Course Clock
Ted Kolda - Program from Submarine Awards Presentation aboard Pampanito, 1969
Ted Lehmann - Klaxons, Pampanito Launching Tag, Sextant
Ted N. Swain - USS Picuda plaque
Terry Lindel - TDC Documentation, Diodes
Tim Spoon - Propeller lock, and Blueprint, docking plan
Tom Horsfall - Radio Equipment and Documentation
Tom Morgan - Barrier materials and hazmat disposal of waste from contaminated washing machine.
Tom Richardson - books and manuals, matchbook, B&W Coupon Premiums booklet, movie ephemera
Tony Snider - Radio Manuals
Unitek Environmental Services, Inc., Transportation of hazmat contaminated washing machine.
Vern Richardson, Merchant Vessel Machinery Replacement Inc., Water and Oil Pumps, manuals
Weldsale Co. LLC - Welding workholding tools
Whitehill Manufacturing - Mooring Lines
William Donzelli - JP Sonar Amplifier, Manuals, Radio Parts
William G. Ewald - deck clock
William Van Lennep - Radio Manuals
Woodrow Wilson Weaver - Historic Documents

Private Non-Profit Museums and Organizations:

Historical Electronics Museum Inc. - Documentation, Radio Equipment
HMS Haida - Documentation
LCS 102 - 40mm Ammo Boxes
SS Jeremiah O'Brien - Battery Test Kit
US Subvets Inc.--Trout St. street sign from Rodman Naval Base
USS Alabama and USS Drum - Bofors tools and depth gauge
USS Bowfin - Documentation, original Pampanito records, Torpedo Warheads
USS Cobia - Air Compressor Parts and Tools, Documentation
USS Cod - Artifacts, Documentation
USS Croaker - Artifacts
USS Kid - Louisiana Naval War Memorial Commission - Torpedo Gyroscope
USS Ling - Torpedo room bunks
USS Lionfish - Torpedo Straps, Documentation
USS Requin - Documentation
USS Silversides - Gun Mounts, Pumps, other Parts
USS Torsk - Torpedo Straps, Documentation

US Government Agencies:

US Maritime Administration (esp. Susuin) - Artifacts and Documents too numerous to list.
US Navy Naval Historical Center - Artifacts and Documents too numerous to list.
US Navy Naval Inactive Ships (esp. Ship Donation Program Office and Maintenance facilities Susuin and Pearl Harbor) - Artifacts and Documents too numerous to list.
US Navy Naval Undersea Weapons Center - Keyport - Torpedo Loading Shape, Manual Photocopies
US National Security Agency - Documentation
US National Archives (esp. Pacific Sierra Region) - Documentation
US National Park Service, San Francisco Maritime NHP - Artifacts
Port of Richmond California - Steam Donkey Boiler (given to SF Maritime NHP)


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