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Land Acquisitions

Original Purchase

Quarters & Buildings

Main Gate: How it's Changed

Major Torpedo Programs at NUWES Through the Years


Station Land Aquisitions and some structures existing at the time (parenthesis indicate current landmark or structure)

Map showing land purchases.
This 1914 map shows the property lines and purchase price of the Keyport peninsula, soon to be a torpedo station. Note, the purchase date was listed as 1913, the actual purchase took place in January 1914.

Housing Quarters

BuildingHistorical NotesYear Built
APioneer home* owned by Henry Husby1908
GPioneer home* owned by Peter Hagen1898 est.
OExecutive Officer's residence1934
SCommanding Officer's residence; replaced Quarter D, a pioneer home* owned by Anton Norum1937
124Previously owned by Herman Boldt, longtime station employee; obtained in 1943 land acquisition.1916
125Previously owned by John Hallia; obtained in 1943 land acquisition.1930
126Previously owned by C.R. Sutherland; obtained in 1943 land acquisition.1930
127Previously owned by J.H. Dobson; obtained in 1943 land acquisition.1930
128Previously owned by Frank Holman; obtained in 1943 land acquisition.1930
133Previously owned by Brigadier General Hollon Richardson, Civil War hero; obtained in 1943 land acquisition.1900 est.

*A pioneer home is one that was built and owned by one of the five original families that lived on the Keyport peninsula prior to the establishment of the torpedo station.


Major Buildings

Bldg.Current Name/UseYr. Built
001Civilian Personnel1915
006Diving Locker1917
012Supply, Comptroller, Data Processing (original structure built in 1918)1943
013Small Craft Berthing (Pier #2)1942
014Storage (formerly radio station and quarters)1916
015Quality Evaluation Laboratory1945
017Hobby Shop (formerly stables and quarters)1914
024Quality Test Center1918
033Boat Repair Shop1923
036Boatswain Locker1921
038Welding/Machine Shop1923
039Janitorial Office1920
040Safety Office1921
047Technical Operations1919
048Boat Machine Shop1922
072Plating & Polishing Shop1936
073Machine Shop1936
076Fire Station (chapel formerly located here)1937
080Advanced Technology Training Center (ATTC)1941
081Mechanical Test/Assembly Shop1941
082Command Headquarters, shop1942
083Proof, Test, & Evaluation, shop1942
084Heat Treat Shop1942
085Battery Shop1942
093Service Station1943
094Public Works Administration, Data Processing1942
095Public Works Field Office/Shop1942
097Command Conference Center (formerly BOQ)1942
098Advanced Undersea Weapons Shop1943
099Torpedo Test Facility (Pier #1)1943
105Quality Assurance, shop1943
106Engine Test Facility1942
107Carpenter Shop1942
108Propulsion Test Facility1942
110Paint Shop1942
134Photo Lab (formerly decontamination center)1943
144Cable Splicing Shop1939
170Environmental Test1942
180Public Works Offices1944
183Auto Hobby Shop1942
187Compressed Air Plant1954
205Service Station1961
206Weapons Quality Engineering Center1957
207Prototype PATE Facility1957
211Pier #11915
212Pier #21917
213Tennis Court1937
215Tennis Court1942
216Athletic Field1920
233Machine Shop Annex1941
234Heating Plant1943
489Mk 46 Torpedo Shop1968
491Centrifuge Building1968
508Reproduction Facility1966
510Shelter (Lagoon)1970
514Mk 48 Torpedo Shop1973
515Bachelor Enlisted Quarters1973
786Chapel (originally quarters)1923
811Fire Control1973
820Container Repair/Test1977
824Public Works Maintenance Shop1980
825Industrial Treatment1982
825UIndustrial Waste Treatment Plant1982
893Supply Shipping/Receiving1982
894Advanced Lightweight Torpedo Shop1984
913Administration Office1918
916Security Pass & I.D.1985
937Chapel Bell Tower1985
950Sonar Repair1988
951Mk 117 Facility 1987
1006Hazardous & Flammable Material Storehouse1988
Data derived from NUWES Property Records.

Main Gate: How it's Changed


Main gate 1914

Main gate 1919

Main gate 1937

Main gate 1949

Main gate 1962

Main gate 1968

Main gate 1985

Major Torpedo Programs at NUWES Through the Years

Keyport has ranged and overhauled many different kinds of torpedoes over the past 75 years. Below are the major programs. The torpedoes, designated by Mark numbers, are listed in the year they were first introduced at the Station; most were worked on in years that overlap with newer designs. Today, NUWES works on the Mk 46, Mk 48 (ADCAP), and Mk 50 Torpedoes.

1915 Whitehead Torpedo (steam powered)
1920 Mk 8 (destroyer)
Mk 9 (battleship)
1931 Mk 7 (destroyer/submarine, anti-surface ship torpedo)
Mk 10 (submarine, fast/short range)
1937 Mk 11 (destroyer, three-speed setting capability)
Mk 12 (improved reliability)
1944 Mk 13 (designed for aircraft launching)
Mk 14 (sunk 4 million tons of enemy shipping in WWII)
Mk 15 (replaced Mk 11 and Mk 12)
Mk 18 (target seeking, electric)
1950 Mk 21 (aircraft, passive homing version of Mk 13)
Mk 23 (high speed version of Mk 14)
Mk 27 (the first acoustic torpedo)
Mk 34 (long range, high speed attack)
Mk 35 (universal launch, deep diving, long range)
1952 Mk 32 (first active acoustic torpedo)
1955 Mk 16 (submarine, chemical torpedo)
1957 Mk 39 (trailing wire for mid-course guidance)
Mk 43 (ASW use, lightweight, inexpensive)
1958 Mk 44 (powered by seawater-activated battery)
Mk 45 (high speed, long range, deep depth)
1967 Mk 46 (thermal piston engine, improved capability)
ASROC (Anti-Submarine, rocket-propelled missile)
1968 Mk 48 (detects and attacks ships and deep-diving subs)
1981 Mk 50 (Advanced Lightweight Torpedo)
1987 Mk 48 Advanced Capability (ADCAP)

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