Below is a list of common abbreviations found on 1940s-1950s U.S. Navy drawings:

A. Access Hatch
A.A. Anti-Aircraft
A.C. Air Conditioning
A.E.R. Aft Engine Room
Aft After
A.G. Armor Grating
A.H. Access Hole
A.P. Aft Perpendicular
A.P. After Perpendicular
A.P. Air Port
A.P.S. Ammunition Passing Scuttle
A.T. Air Tight
A.T.R. Aft Torpedo Room
A/C Alternating Current
ABT. About
ABV. Above
ACC. Accumulator
AEW Airborne Early Warning
AL.AL. Aluminum Alloy
AL.C. Aluminum Corrugated
AL.P. Aluminum Pilaster
AMM. Ammunition
AMMN. Ammunition
ANT. Antenna
APP'D. Approved
AUX. Auxiliary
B Bow
B.H. Breast Hook
B.L. Base Line
B/P Bow Plane
B&S Bow & Stern
B.T.M.H Ballast Tank Man Hole
B'K'T Bracket
BAL. Balanced
BATT. Battery
BEL. Below
BH'D Bulkhead
BHD. Bulkhead
BH. Bulkhead
BKCASE. Bookcase
B.T.M.H. Boiler Type Manhole
C.J Cone Joint
C.&L. Cleaning Gear Locker
C.&R. Construction & Repair
C.D. Chest of Drawers
C.F.O. Clean Fuel Oil (tank)
C.G.L. Cleaning Gear Locker
C.K. Coffee Kettle
C.K.T. Circuit
C.O. Commanding Officer
C.P.O. Chief Petty Officer
C.R.S. Corrosion Resisting Steel
C.T. Card Table
C.T. Conning Tower
C/L (symbol) Center Line
CA. Caliber
CAB. Cabinet
CAL. Caliber
CAPT. Captain
CH.W.O. Chief Warrant Officer
CHF. Chiffonier
CHIFF. Chiffonier
CHK'D Checked
CIRC. Circulating
CLEAN. Cleaning
COAM. Coaming
C.O.C. Control Room
COMP. Companion
COMP. Compressor
COMP. Compartment
COMP'T Compartment
COMPT. Compartment
COND. Condenser
CONN. Connection
CONT. Control
CONTRS. Containers
COV. Cover
C/R Control Room
C/T Conning Tower
CVK Centerline, Vertical Keel
Cyl. Cylinder
D. Diameter
D. Door
D.B. Double Berth
D.F. Drinking Fountain
D.P.F.T. Double Pedestal Flat Top
D.P.M.H. Dish Plate Manhole
D.T. Dinning Table
D.T.C. Double Toilet Case
D.W.L. Designed Water Line
D.W.L. Draft Water Line
D.W.T. Dumbwaiter Trunk
DECONTAMIN. Decontaminating
DET. Detection
DIA. Diameter
DIR. Director
DIS. Discharge
DIST. Distributing
DK. Deck
DK. Desk
DK.DR. Deck Drain
DN. Down
D.P. Drip proof
DR. Dresser
E.C.M. Electronic Counter Measures
E.M. Expanded Metal
E.S. Escape Scuttle
ELEC. Electrical
ELEV. Elevator
EMERG. Emergency
ENG. Engine
ENG. Engineer
ENG. Engineering
EVAP. Evaporator
EX.OFF. Executive Officer
EXEC. Executive
F.A. Flood Area (Flood Port, Flood Hole)
F.B.T. Fuel Ballast Tank
F.C. Filing Cabinet
F.C.&L. Film Cabinet and Locker
F.E.R. Forward Engine Room
F.H. Flush Type Access Hatch
F.O. Fuel Oil
F.O.COLL. Fuel Oil Collecting (tank)
F.O.EXP. Fuel Oil Expansion (tank)
F.O.T.M.H. Flush Oil Tight Manhole
F.P. Forward Perpendicular
F.P.M.H. Flat Plate Manhole
F.T. Fume-Tight
F.T.M.J. Fume-Tight Metal Joiner
F.T.M.J.S.P. Fume-Tight Metal Joiner Solid Panel
F.T.R. Forward Torpedo Room
F.V. Flood Valve
F.W. Floater Net
F.W. Fresh Water
F.W.T. Flush Water-Tight
F.W.T.M.H Flush Water-Tight Manhole
F.W.T.O. Fresh Water Tank Over
F.W.T.Q.A. Flush Water-Tight Quick Acting
FOR'D Forward
FR. Frame
G.&P. Grommet and Punching
G.I.S.R. Gyro Setting Indicating Regulator
GAS. Gasoline
GEN. Generator
H. Hatch
H. Head
H.F. High Frequency
H.F.W. Hot Fresh Water
H.O. Hatch Over
H.P. High Pressure
H.R. Hose Rack
H.S.V. Hanger Sprinkling Valves
H.V. Hydraulic Valves
H'DL'G Handling
HANDL. Handling
HDL'G Handling
Hyd. Hydraulic
I.B. Inner Bottom
I.C. Internal Communication
I.F.F. Identification Friend or Foe
I.H. Inner Hull
INCL. Incline or Inclined
INCL. Inclusive
IND. Indicator
KN. Knuckle
L. Lavatory
L. Locker
L.L. Linen Locker
L.O. Lubricating Oil
L.P. Lighting Panel
L.P. Low Pressure
L.R. Ladder Rounds
L.R. Ladder Run
L.R. Ladder Rung
L.Rs. Ladder Rungs
L.R. Left Rudder
L.W.D.C. Light Weight Deck Coverings
LAD. Ladder
LAV. Lavatory Or Laboratory
LIEUT. Lieutenant
LKR. Locker
LOC. Located
LONG'L Longitudinal
LUB. Lubricating
LTG Lighting
Man. Manifold
M.B.T. Main Ballast Tank
M.E. Main Engine
M.G. Motor Generator
M.H. Manhole
M.J. Metal Joiner
M.J.D. Metal Joiner Door
M.J.L. Metal Joiner Louvre
M.J.S.P. Metal Joiner Solid Panel
M.M. Main Motor
M.S. Medium Steel
M.T. Flame-Tight
M/M Millimeter
MACH. Machine
MAG. Magazine
MIM. Mimeograph
MIN. Minimum
MK. Mark
MLD.B/L Molded Baseline
MLD.BL Molded Baseline
N.F.O. Normal Fuel Oil (tank)
N.T. Non-Tight
N.T.AL.AL. Non-Tight Aluminum Alloy
N.W.T. Non Water-Tight
NO. Number
O.A.O. Operated Above Only
O.T. Oil-Tight
OFF's Officer's
OP'R Operated
OPER. Operated
OPER' Operated
ORD. Ordnance
OUTL. Outlet
OVHD Overhead
P. Port
P. Press
P.&S. Port and Starboard
P.B.D. Plotting Board
P/B Push Button
P.O.T. Portable Operating Table
P.P. Power Panel
P.P. Pressure Proof
P.R. Power Panel
P.S. Passing Scuttle
P.SC. Passing Scuttle
P/S Port & Starboard
PASS. Passage
PHO. Phonograph
PL. Plate
PLAT. Platform
PLATF. Platform
PLATF'M Platform
PLTG. Plating
PORT. Portable
PORT.PLT. Portable Plate (hatch)
POW.SUP. Power Supply
POWDR. Powder
PROJ. Projectile
PWD'R Powder
PWDER. Powder
Pwr. Power
Q.A. Quick Acting
Q.A.E.S. Quick Acting Escape Scuttle
Q.A.S. Quick Acting Scuttle
R. Range
R.C.M. Radio Counter Measures
R.D.F. Radio Direction Finder
R.O. Radio Operator
R.S. Ready Service
R.V. Relief Valve
R.W.T. Raised Water-Tight
R.W.T.H. Raised Water Tight Hatch
R.W.T.M.H. Raised Water-Tight Manhole
RAD. Radius
READY S. MAG. Ready-Service Magazine
REC. Receiver
REG.PUB.LKR. Registered Publication Locker
REG. Regulator
Replen. Replenishing
RES. Reserve
RM. Room
R.R. Right Rudder
RUD.IND. Telegraph Transmitter Rudder Indicator
S. Shower or Sink
S. Starboard
S. Stool
S.A. Salvage Air Connection
S.B. Secretary Bureau
S.B. Single Berth
S.D. Supply Department
S.L. Safe Locker
S.P.F.T. Single Pedestal Flat Top
S.P.T.W. Single Pedestal Typewriter
S.S. Slop Sink
S.T.C. Single Toilet Case
S.T.S. Special Treatment Steel
S.W. Salt Water
SAN. Sanitary
SEC. Security
SH. Shower
SH. Shelf
SHR. Shower
SNKL. Snorkel
ST'L. Steel
STAN. Stanchion
STATION Secondary Conning Station
STB'D Starboard
STBD. Starboard
STL. Steel
STOW. Stowage
STRUCT. Structure
SUC. Suction
SW. Switch
SWBD. Switchboard
T. Table
T.B.T. Target Bearing Transmitter
T.L. Table Leaf
T.L.L. Table Leaf Locker
T.S. Transfer Switch
T.T. Torpedo Tube
TEL.IND. Engine Telegraph Indicator
TEL.TRANS. Engine Telegraph Transmitter
TERM. Terminal
TORP. Torpedo
TR. Transformer
TRANS. Transmitter
TRANSF. Transfer
TT. Turntable
TYP. Type
U. Urinal
U.H.F. Ultra High Frequency
UR. Urinal
V. Vent
V.B.T. Variable Ballast Tank
V.L. Vertical Ladder
V.L.F. Very Long Frequency
V.M.C. Ventilation Motor Control
V.T. Ventilation Trunk
V.T. Vertical Keel
VENT. Ventilation
W.C. Water Closet
W.L. Waterline
W.O. Warrant Officer
W.R. Wardrobe
W.R. Wash room
W.R.S.R. Ward Room State Room
W.R.T. Water Round Torpedo
W.R.W.C. Ward Room Water Closet
W.S. Watershed
W.T. Water-Tight
W.T. Wiring Trunk
W.T.P.S. Watertight Passing Scuttle
W.T.Q.A. Water-Tight Quick-Acting
W.T.Q.A.S. Water-Tight Quick-Acting Scuttle
W.U. Wire Unit
WELD. Welding
WR. Wardrobe
XMTR Transmitter

Mild Steel Plate Thickness:

5.1 lb1/8"
7.65 lb 3/16"
10.2 lb 1/4"
12.7 lb 5/16"
15.3 lb 3/8"
20.1 lb 1/2"
30.6 lb 3/4"
35.7 lb 7/8"
40.8 lb 1"
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