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1. Check all motors for overheating.

2. Check the temperature of all motor bearings.

3. Check the oil level in the crankcases of the compressors two or three times a day; if

  the level is low, new oil should be added.

4. Check for excessively high and low refrigerant pressures.

5. Check the crankcases for low temperatures or excessive Freon 12.

1. Check all fans for unusual noise and vibration.

2. Check all regularly operated valves and compressor seals for leaks.

3. Check proper tension of V-belts.

4. Check the oil level on motor bearings add oil if necessary.

  5. Check all ball bearings; add grease when necessary.

6. Check the oil level in fan bearings; add oil if necessary.

7. Check the flywheels and pulleys.

8. Clean the evaporator coils if dirty.

9. Clean and dust all equipment.

1. Check the compressors for any unusual vibration; check the mountings.

2. Check the clearance between rotor and stator on all motors.

3. Check the V-belts for wear, and clean off all oil and dirt.

4. Check entire systems carefully for refrigerant leaks.

5. Check and clean all automatic control and safety devices, also all switch contacts.

  6. Check and clean the condenser tubes when refrigerant or water temperatures indicate the need.

7. Inspect the evaporator coils; clean at least every three months; oftener if necessary.

8. Check all pressures and temperatures throughout all systems, valves, and devices.

9. Inspect the zinc fingers in the condensers; replace when deteriorated 30 percent or more.

1. Remove motor and bells; check and clean windings.

2. Wash out all motor bearings, and refill with new motor oil.

3. Wash out all fan bearings; check clearance; refill with new oil.

4. Test insulation of motor leads and windings. 5. Check rusting of metal parts on all equipment;

  repair piping and equipment when ever necessary.

6. Drain crankcases of compressors, and wash out thoroughly.

7. Test all gages.

8. Inspect all insulation coverings of cold pipes, especially seams. Replace all rusted binding wires and rotted covering cloths; add seam-filler where necessary.


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