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Wawona Bow Restoration

Bill White
NWSeaport Maritime Heritage Center
P.O. Box 19833
1002 Valley St.
Seattle, WA 98109-6833
(206) 447-9800


To repair bow of ship back to frame # 10 both sides


1) remove jib boom and bow sprit
2) exploration to find end of frame splices.


1) sewed bow together with wire and turn buckles around old frames
2) bent in new clamp using 4 ,3" lifts screwed together then a final 5" piece bolted to create new
c) FRAME REPLACEMENT, Fig 2, Fig 3, Fig 4, Fig 5

1) manufactured jib crane from boom and halyard
2) removal of Planking saving as much as possible
3) started with #4 removed old cut new frames (were cut from full size templates that were generated after three dimensional model was created by electronic measurements made of the hull when ship was in drydock) bolted to new deck clamp and existing ceiling as we replaced fore and aft of #4 we also installed new deck beams thus reinstating the bows integrity.
4) after replacing #2 through #10 Stb. side and the first 5 deck beams ship stable to start bow
d) BOW, Fig 6, Fig 7, Fig 8, Fig 9

1) we removed in pieces the

a) fore mast
b) samson post
c) dead woods to key
d) apron completely now 2' below waterline

2) reinstall

a) new apron and breast hook
b) new dead woods to top of keel

3) we are now ready to install

a)"1 frames stb.
b) stem
c) stb. side planking
d) new samson post and bowsprit by 4th of July
e) billit head

Fig 10

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