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Third International Conference on the Technical Aspects of the Preservation of Historic Vessels

Audio Tape Ordering Information

Professionally recorded audio tapes are available by mail.

Tape I.D. Title
001 Welcome & Opening Remarks - W.G. Thomas, G. Fleharty, R. Booth
002 Material Sources - R. Pekelney, T. Kaye, C. Jannini, P. Otton,W.T. Reynolds
003 Ship Reports - T. Richardson, L. Linden, C. Irrgang, G. Powsland, O. Jons
004 Conserving Unique and Historic Ships - J. Kearon
005 Ships in Dry Berths - R. Pekelney, S. Stroh, C. Young, S.T. Waite
006 Ship Reports II - W. Boykin, P. Otton, B. White, W.T. Reynolds, P. DeOrsay
007 Replicating Ships of Historic Importance - Fred Walker
008 Installing Modern Equipment in Museum Ships - B. Kure
009 Hazardous Materials Or Regulatory Compliance-A Partial Overview - S. Morss
010 Preservation Standards, K. Foster, R. Prescott, J. Robinson, A. Sendzikas
011 Wood Hulls I- M. Albright, D. Sinclair, D. Casebolt, R. Rhude
012 Steel Hulls I - C. Zucker, J. Wenzel, S. Morss, D. Birkholtz, J. Houk
013 Wood Hulls II - R. Oakes, M. Albright, W. Nelson, A. Davis
014 Steel Hulls II - C. Zucker, S. Sprague, B. Dvorak, J. Brauer, H. Hardi, T. Rizzuto
015 Shrink wrapping Ships - R. Dutton
016 Special Session I, S. Sprague, K. Shewan, M. Tanner, P. Goodwin, G Powsland
017 Education Programs - D. Stetson, N. Martling, R. Ashley, W. Rybka, D. Wagner
018 Operating Vessels - A. Lutz, W. Rybka, B. Holme, R. McKeil, L. Malmberg
019 Special Session II - B. Doll, D. Brooks, N. Burningham, P. Goodwin, K. Murphy
020 The Climate of the Vasa Museum - a conflict between the museum object and the museum building - Brigitta Hafors
021 Traditional Rigging -R. Pekelney, J. Brink, J.L. White, T.F. Morgan, T. Kaye
022 Special Session III -T. Croteau, P. Otton, V. Martous, U. Dresen
023 How Historic Ships Earn Their Keep, P. Stanford, M. Smith, R. Ashley, A. King

To order please contact:

Conference Recording Service
1308 Gilman St.
Berkeley, CA 94706
USA Tel: 510-527-3600
USA Fax: 510-527-8404

Conference Code NMM97

The complete conference consisting of 23 tapes in a vinyl binder, it cost $180.00

Or each tape may be purchased separately for $10.00 each. Buy ten tapes and receive two more free in a vinyl binder.

California residents must add 8.25% sales tax.

Shipping is $2.00 per tape, Maximum of $10.00

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