Thank You For Your Help Creating This Tour!

Dr. Larue with help from James Cline created the spherical VR images added in 2007. The spherical panos were shot using a Nikon D2x with a 10.5mm lens mounted on a 360Precision Absolute pano head. Each pano is comprised of 6 shots around a vertical axis plus a zenith and nadir shot. Most setups were done with existing light, bracketing the exposure on each shot and then hand blending them in Photoshop to maintain highlight and shadow detail. Some image dodging was employed during shooting to help reduce lens flare from environmental light sources. The panos were stitched using PTgui. CubicConverter was used to create the spherical movie files. Pano2VR was used to create the spherical Flash and HTML 5 files.

Bruce shooting in the galley.James in the pump room.

Tim Campbell and Steve Danford created the original Quicktime VR images used in this tour during 2001. They were created using a Bogen Manfroto Panographic tripod head, Nikon Coolpix 990 camera, Nikon WC-E24 wide angle lens, VRToolbox software and a lot of patience. Each VR required taking 15 carefully positioned normal pictures that were then stitched together using the computer software.

Steve and Tim shooting in the forward torpedo room.

Richard Myrick and Dave Galino created the wonderful illustrations.

The text for this tour was inspired by the award winning audio tour first created by Russ Booth and Captain Ed Beach during the 1980s. It has been substantially modified and all the errors are the responsibility of the current editor.

Richard Pekelney was the project manager, editor and did the page development.


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