Thank You For Your Help Creating This Tour!

Bruce Ecker created the spherical virtual reality images on this tour during July 2011. The spherical panos were shot using a Nikon D3 with a 16 mm lens mounted on a 360Precision Adjuste pano head. Each pano is comprised of 6 shots around a vertical axis plus a zenith and nadir shot. Most setups were done with existing light, bracketing the exposure on each shot and then hand blending them in Photoshop to maintain highlight and shadow detail. Some image dodging was employed during shooting to help reduce lens flare from environmental light sources. The panos were stitched using PTgui. Pano2VR was used to create the spherical Quicktime Movie, Flash and HTML 5 files. The panos are used with the permission of Bruce Ecker.

Bruce in the starboard stabilizer room.

We are grateful for the the permission to document the ships from the US Navy, NAVSEA, PMS 333.
We also appreciate the assistance of US Maritime Administration, Susuin Bay Reserve Fleet staff.

We also wish to thank Sea Shadow veterans that have contributed their photos and stories to this site:

Dick Paquette for his photo history.
Steve Larson for his story of helping to build Sea Shadow.
Tony Furrh for his stories of operating Sea Shadow.

American Society of Naval Engineers for permission to reproduce, "The Sea Shadow, A top level technical description of the ship."

Richard Pekelney assisted in photography, did the page development and is responsible for any errors that have been introduced.

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