USS Pampanito Dry Dock 2016

arial photo of Pampanito in drydock

For the fifth time in her life as a museum ship, USS Pampanito was towed to a shipyard and raised out of the water in a dry dock for repairs. She was at the yard from September 17 to November 12, 2016. This was the most successful dry docking of Pampanito to date as measured by the quantity and quality of work performed.

When we left our berth at Pier 45 in San Francisco, we projected six weeks of work with a management reserve for weather and unplanned delays. Pampanito was away from its home port berth for a total of eight weeks, and closed to the public for nine weeks.

Our Association conducted a successful fundraising campaign and the dry dock expenses were covered as follows: 70% in cash donations and grants, 15% savings, and 15% in-kind donations.

We accomplished most of our task list items, did more steel repair than expected, repaired steel in areas that has been deferred during at least four previous museum ship dry dockings, and we were pleased with the quality of the work performed.

However, there is still some important deferred projects for our next dry docking: a need to blast the entire hull to bare metal, additional steel repairs, and other smaller, but important projects.

• We have 250 photos in the drydocking blog posts.
• There are panographic views in the drydock from under the after torpedo room, and under the forward torpedo room.
With the help of Autodesk, Topcon, 3D Robotics, Cyark, and OpenHeritage3D we created 3D scans of the boat in drydock that can be downloaded
Lessons learned

This very successful drydocking was make possible because of the generosity of many cash and in-kind (product and services) donors.


Nevin N. Andersen
Steven R. Anderson
Nevin Anderson
Bancroft-Clair Foundation
David Barleen
Judith Barry
Barry Bauer
Bay Ship & Yacht Co.
The Bartholomew Estate
Richard Mark Beleson
Thomas C. Benet
Kenneth Berner
Greg Bettencourt
Ariel L. Bleicher
Kelly Blythe
Louis E. Bodiford
Forrest Booth
James Byrnes
Vincent Casalaina
Katherine Chaitin
Russ Charvonia
Curtis Chew
L. Chew
Lippman Choy
Jack Colbert
Thomas B. Crowley
Stephen P. Cuff
Troy Daniels
Richard C. Dawson
Richard O. DeAtley
Eugene J. Dicesaris
Stan Dickinson
Jacqueline Douglas
Karen Duffy
Zoya Dyer
John F. Fisher
Robert J. Flynn
Kevin Fong
Robert Fong
Melvin Fong
Nanna Lea Fox
William B. George
Ronald C. Gibson, CW04 USNR (Ret)
Daniel Gin
Raymond Gin
Jon Goldmark
Robert Greene
Sallie Griffith
P.M. Griffiths
Donald G. Hanson
Billy Hayes
John B. Haynes
Hippolyta Productions, LLC John Hurabiell
Robert and Mrs. Riki Intner
Craig Jang
Carl Marvin Jensen
Mrs. Lucy Jewett
Tracy Jin
Stephen F. Johnson
Judge & Ms. Christine Yaeger
Les Junge
Ronald C. Kimmel
Ivan Kochnev
  Lawrence and Capt. Lynn Korwatch
Ben Kuckens
James N. Kyser
Tom W. La Tour
Robert J. Lange
Jack Lapidos
Carl Larkin
Margaret Larkin
Thor Lauritzen
Karen Leong
Thomas L. Liston
Gary Louie
Loren Lyall
Dennis Magri & Ms. Linda Di Matteo
John J. Mahoney
Greg Mahoric
Norman A. Marks
Matson Navigation Company
Phil M. Matticola
Jack Maxfield
Robert McEwan
Martin B. McNair
Leon Milburn
Lincoln Mitchell
John L. Molinari
Bruce Morgenthaler
David E. Nelson
Richard Netherwood
Raoul C. Noland
Oscar R. Peralta
Herbert C. Ploch
Marcia L. Popper
Richard E. Raso
Robert D. Rawlins
Charles J. Rennie III & Ms. Teresa Nakashima
Riten Industries, Inc.
James Rodgers
Adolph Rosekrans
Richard M. Rosenberg
John Schwartz
John L. Sechler
Ken Shirriff
James V. Showalter & Ms. Lee Anna Kelly
Michael Simmons
Bill and Gail Skarich
William D. Smith
Tyler Snortum-Phelps
Charles W. Staufenberg
William Tandler
Charles A. Tosi
Maurice E. Tyler
Sloan Upton
U.S. Department of the Interior,
  National Maritime Heritage Grants
Paul Vehling Veralaine Walker
Michael Warren
Aaron Washington
Carl Wieman
Craig Williams
Ken Winans
Harvey Wittenberg
Barry Wong
James Wong
Kathy Young


3D Robotics
Allied Packing & Supply
B2 Machining
Bay Ship, and Yacht
Bayshore Metals
Bruce Ecker
Calsak Plastics
Dave Raunbuehler
Delta Sand Blast
Eustler Technical Products Inc.
Far West Corrosion Products
Farallone Pacific Insurance Services
Global Partners Insurance Company
Rich Pekelney
Charlie Butcher
Induction Innovations
International Paint LLC
Liberty Pumps
Llewellyn Supply Company
Manson Construction
National Band & Tag Co.
Paul Flowers
The Dutra Group
West Coast Marine Chemist

Special thanks to the Port of San Francisco for performing safety repairs to Pier 45 while we were in drydock.


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