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Overnight Program Rules of Conduct

To ensure a safe and pleasant visit, all participants in the overnight stay aboard the historic World War II submarine USS Pampanito are expected to abide by the rules which follow. The group leader should read the rules to the entire group at one time.

  1. No running or "horse play" aboard the vessel. Discipline is the responsibility of the group leader. Adequate adult supervision is to be provided by the visiting organization at all times. After dark, no crew members are to leave the submarine or walk topside unless accompanied by an adult. Adults attending the overnight stay with the scouts are expected to remain with the group at all times. The main gate to the pier will remain shut and locked until morning. Adults who leave the premises will not be permitted to return. There must be at least one (1) adult for every six (6) group members under age 18, and a minimum of seven (7) adults with the group (some groups, such as Cub Scouts, have stricter adult/child ratios--in such cases, please adhere to your organization's rules).
  2. Restricted areas are well marked--do not attempt to enter these areas without permission of staff. This includes the conning tower. While topside, never leave the marked walkway. Do not climb on any deck guns or on the periscopes and lookout platforms.
  3. Do not turn valves, switches, handles or otherwise attempt to operate any equipment aboard the submarine. Everything on board is considered a historic artifact and must be treated with the proper respect. Remember, Pampanito is a National Historic Landmark.
  4. None of the following are permitted:
    * No consumption of alcoholic beverages during the visit (either on or off premises).
    * No smoking.
    * No gum chewing.
    * No portable CD players, handheld electronics/computers, games, etc.
  5. No cooking is allowed in on board the submarine. However, visitors are permitted to bring "snack-type" foods. All food is to be consumed at the tables in the crew's mess, wardroom, or, during movies, in the forward torpedo room. No food is permitted in the berthing areas. In order to take full advantage of the time available on the boat, make sure your group eats dinner prior to arrival.
  6. Sleep only in these designated areas:
    * After Battery Compartment (bunks - 36)
    * Forward Battery Compartment (bunks - 12)

    At least three adults must sleep in the after battery compartment to supervise group members sleeping there.

    Do not wear shoes while in bunks. Do not use any other compartment for sleeping unless permission has been given to do so. When not in bunks, shoes must be worn for walking around in the submarine.

  7. Adults will be responsible for overseeing operation of the DVD/Monitor for viewing movies.
  8. The group shall clean all areas occupied on board the vessel before departing--a list of cleaning responsibilities will be provided. Departure time is 0900 sharp.
  9. Leaders are to make sure all required paperwork has been completed.
  10. For your safety, the group is expected to follow all directions, and any special instructions, issued by members of the staff.
  11. Uniforms: If your group has an official uniform, please wear the uniform top during the program. Jeans are recommended.
  12. Follow all rules -- we would like to invite you back for a future visit.

For more information, please contact Scout Coordinator, Alice via email,
or call (415) 561-6662 x 33


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