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1. Charging valve plug.
2. Charging valve.
3. Charging valve spring.
4. Charging valve spring cover.
5. Starting valve body.
6. Air pipe connecting screws.
7. Starting valve.
8. Starting valve spring.
9. Starting valve cover.
10. Starting lever cam shaft.
11. Starting lever.
12. Starting lever connecting arm.
13. Air pipe to oil cup.
14. Starting lever cam shaft cover.
15. Engine room bulkhead.
16. Air pipe from flask.


1. Cocking lever.
2. Link.
3. Stud for link, 2, on cocking lever.
4. Stud for link, 2, on spring piston.
5. Cocking lever stud pivot.
6. Cocking spring.
7. Spring piston link.
8. Spring piston.
9. Spring piston buffer.
10. Cocking pawl.
11. Cocking pawl spring.
12. Cocking pawl connecting rod.
13. Starting lever.
14. Charging and starting valve bodies.


1. Reducing valve.
2. Reducing valve admission port.
3. Reducing valve controller.
4. Controller spring.
5. End of centroller spring box.
6. Controller spring box.
7. Bevel gear and sleeve.
8. Oil ducts.
9. Oil ducts.
10. Oil cups.
11. Oil cup filling pipe.
12. Water tripper piston.
13, Water tripper piston spring.
14. Water tripper piston spring cap.
15. Reducing valve body.
16. Channel to water-tripper cylinder.
17. Oil pipe from valve to water-tripper cylinder.
18. Oil cup regulator.
19. Oil pipe from oil cups to water tripper piston valve.
20. Water tripper piston valve.
21. Slide valve lever.
22. Water tripper rod extension.
23. Water tripper piston valve lever pivot and bracket.
24. Water tripper piston valve body.
25. Oil cup adjusting screw.
26. Air pipe to oil cup.
27. Oil cup filling plug.
28. Reducing valve controller index.
29. Adjusting spindle.
30. Adjusting spindle locking piece.
31. Adjusting spindle locking piece spring.
32. Engine room bulkhead.
33. Air pipe to engine.
34. Grooves in retarding valve.
35. Oil cup for main shaft bearing at engine room bulkhead.


1. Crank case and cylinders.
2. Steering engine.
3. Reducing valve.
4. Oil cup.
5. Air distributing pipe.
6. Air pipe to steering engine.
7. Water tripper piston valve lever.
8. Oil pipe to water tripper piston valve.
9. Oil pipe to water tripper piston.
10. Cocking spring box.
11. Uncocking arm.
12. Distance wheel.
13. One-tooth pinion.
14. Unlocking spur gear.
15. Locking arm.
16. Locking spool.
17. Sinking valve.
18. Sinking valve rod.
19. Sinking lever.
20. Cocking lever.
21. Starting lever.
22. Starting lever connecting arm.
23. Rocker arm.
24. Starting valve cover.
25. Immersion mechanism bell crank.
26. Main air pipe to reducing valve.
27. Main air pipe from flask.
28. Steering rod and tube.
29. Water tripper rod and tube.


1. Air admission pipe.
2. Engine bed plate.
3. Slide valve chest.
4. Outer valve.
5. Inner valve.
6. Inner valve connecting rod.
7. Outer valve connecting rod.
8. Eccentric.
9. Eccentric strap.
10. Eccentric strap.
11. Eccentric strap.
12. Eccentric key.
13. Friction discs.
14. Crank shaft.
15. Crank pin.
16. Main shaft.
17. Crank pin brasses.
18. Piston rod.
19. Ball and socket joint.
20. Piston.
21. Direct exhaust port.
22. Engine room bulkhead. 23. Relief valve.
25. Air pipe to steering engine.
26. Holes for steering engine bolts.
27. Screws securing steering rod tube.
28. Exhaust passages.
29. Oil cup for forward main shaft bearing.


1. Water tripper rod extension.
2. Water tripper rod.
3. Water tripper tube.
4. Water tripper.
5. Water tripper spring.
6. Water tripper spring barrel.
7. After body.
8. Strengthening ring.
9. Reducing valve body.
10. Water tripper piston cylinder.


1. Bevel gear box
2. Forward bevel gear.
3. Intermediate gear.
4. Intermediate gear.
5. After gear.
6. Gear crosshead.
7. Gear crosshead nuts.
8. Friction washers.
9. Rubber gasket.
10. Main shaft.
11. Outer shaft.
12. Outer shaft bearing.
13. Outer shaft bearing.
14. Vertical vanes.
15. Side blade conical nuts.
16. Top and bottom blades.
17. Forward propeller.
18. Forward propeller nut.
19. After propeller.
20. After propeller nut.
21. Horizontal rudder frames.
22. Horizontal rudders.
23. Steering rod connections.
24. Horizontal rudder adjusting screws.
25. Horizontal rudder bearings.
26. Plugs for gear oil holes.
27. Guides.
28. Steering rod connecting pin.

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