NARA Record Group 38
Records of Chief of Naval Operations
Office of Naval Intelligence
Reg. Publications and Monograph Files
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This finding aid may be used to locate documents from the Textual Records Branch of the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, MD. These are some of the finding aids from RG 38, Records of the Chief of Naval Operations, Office Of Naval Intelligence, Registered Publications and Monograph Files. Note that this is not a complete list of all the records available, or even of all the finding aids available. Be sure to check and the printed finding aids available in the research room.

Note that the binder in the research room also has a short section containing Restricted Data/Formerly Restricted Data that I missed while scanning this finding aid. If you are able to scan this section, please contact us with the Mail Feedback Form. We would like to add it to this online copy of the finding aid. We are also looking for a volunteer to transcribe Part 6. The copy at NARA has so much writing on it that OCR will not work well and it will need to be transcribed by hand if we want a searchable copy.

Note that this record group contains many rare early US and British Radar, Sonar, Fire Control, Torpedo and other technical manuals in addition to the plans and monographs.

Rich Pekelney

Part 1 - Miscellaneous ONI Publications (1 page indexing 87 boxes)
Part 2 - Monograph Files (6 pages indexing 36 boxes)
Part 3 - Operational, Tactical & Instructional Publications, 1918-1970 (6 pages indexing 120 boxes)
Part 4 - (Pubs. Containing Restricted or Formerly Restricted Data)
Part 5- Technical Publications (Ships, Engineering, Ordnance, Gunnery Exercises and Engineering Performance, Miscellaneous (31 pages representing 176 boxes)
  Page 1-Ships Publications
  Page 7-Fleet Training Publications
  Page 12-Engineering Publications
  Page 15-Ordnance Publications
  Page 21-Gunnery Exercises and Engineering Performance Publications
  Page 22-Miscellaneous Unnumbered Publications
Part 6 - Foreign Navy and Related Foreign Publications, 1913-1960 (136 pages indexing 595 boxes)
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