15A1. Description. The underwater sound system consists of directional hydrophones, supersonic high gain receiver amplifiers, transmitters, range indicators and necessary polarizers, rectifiers, motor generator sets, training motors and indicators, and the necessary control gear. The circuit letters are SRT, S1RC, and S2RC. The 120-volt direct-current power is supplied directly from the forward battery through 2 separately fused connection boxes, one tapped into the jumper between cells 33 and 34, and the other into the jumper between cells 93 and 94. This circuit is brought to a polarized single outlet receptacle in the after end, port side, of the forward torpedo room near the amplifiers. Power is taken through a line filter supplied with the rest of the equipment, before being fed into the amplifier, in order to reduce   noises that might otherwise be introduced from the power supply.

The supersonic system obtains alternating current from the ship's a.c. supply through fuses and disconnect switches in the radio room. The supply to the conning tower equipment is taken through two 15-ampere fuses and a double pole, single throw, snap switch.

Direct current is also taken from the auxiliary power distribution panel in the forward torpedo room through four 30-ampere fuses; 2 fuses feeding the motor controller panel for the QB training MG set, and the other 2 feeding the motor controller for the QC-JK training MG set.

Installations vary greatly and the ship's plans should be consulted for details.


Figure 15-1. Schematic diagram of underwater sound system.
Figure 15-1. Schematic diagram of underwater sound system.

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