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Parts and Tools for Bofors 40mm gun M1, Carriage M3

bofors handle
x4 Hand operating crank, handle

bofors handle
Hand operating crank, handle

rear shield assembly
x2 Rear shield assembly, C95025

rod spring
x1 Rod spring, B198369. Manual says free length 9-1/4" to 9-3/4", 209 to 297 lb at 6-1/8". We measured .70" O.D., to fit on .379 shaft and the existing spring 7.5" long.

Ring Sight on Pampanito. The rear sight, bar and socket are from the Army style sight and we think correct. The front sight and adjustment are from a Navy style 40mm Sight Mk 6, Mod 3 and do not belong in this configuration. They had a badly made adapter piece with lots of Bondo.
We need the x1 Army style rear site and x2 correct Army style front sites and mounting piece to fix the gun on the boat.

Army style rear sight we need and Army style front mounting/adjustment piece we need.

ring sight
x2 Army style front sight. 9-1/8" wide, 9" tall. 7225186

sight mounting piece
x2 Army style front mounting piece. 4" wide, 2-1/4" tall. A226411

sight mounting piece
Rear of the front mounting piece.

Navy style ring sight, missing socket. See 40mm Sight Mk 6, Mod 3, we need a socket for this one, and one complete sight sub assembly 561341-4 as in this photo.

seat adjustment and handle
x3 Seat Adjustment Screw and Handle

x2 Seats, we have the seat post and adjustment pieces.

bottom cover
x1 Bottom cover, or even just the handle and lever underneath.

shell pusher tool
x1 Shell pusher. This is 26-1/2" end to end. c95031 or 41-P-5300

Barrel Carrier
x1 Barrel Carrier. 41-C-430, or 41-C-435

recoil spring compressor
Recoil spring compressor. 41-c-467-75, 41-C-2555-800

It would really help if we could find parts drawings for the Army M3 mount.


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